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WCBN’s annual fundraiser is running February 19th - 28th . Your support during these ten days puts new music on the shelf and fixes broken turntables; we need you for our day to day. We ask now that you “resubscribe” to the freeform radio that you love, and support the continued education and cultural enrichment of students at the University of Michigan.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are only taking donations online. Please use the Donate tab above!


Join This Zoom Session to chat with WCBN DJs every night this week from 7-9 PM!!

Join this link any night this week from 7-9 PM and chat with WCBN DJs!!


Hello listeners of WCBN! 

Our fundraiser is live! To donate, click the "Donate" tab in the top right corner, browse some of our new merchandise, and make a donation! To make a custom donation, choose one of our pre-established donation amounts and change the quantity (If you want to make a $100 donation, choose the $10 option and change the quantity to 10, for example). Your merchandise will be shipped by fall of 2021. Thank you so much for your donations, your generosity does not go unnoticed. 

Scroll down to see some of the critical upgrades we have made to our station with fundraiser dollars! Help us keep freeform radio on the air in 2021, and as always, continue to free your mind with WCBN! 

We can't thank you enough!


Check out A Little History of our Fundraiser

WCBN would be nothing without the donations of our listeners. Your generosity allows us to continue playing what we want on air, which is an increasingly rare and special privilege to have. Nobody knows this better than our Chief Engineer, Jim Campbell. Jim becoming our engineer was fate hard at work: “Ever since I got out of college I have listened and done a donation every year - 11 years ago I rode my bike down here and asked to talk to the station engineer, to which they responded “we don’t have one,” and that's how I got my start here at WCBN.” Bringing him on board came at the expense of the budget that WCBN used to receive from the university, so every single dime that he has spent has come from our fundraising. Everyone involved with WCBN, whether listening or creating, should consider themselves lucky that Jim hopped on his bike 11 years ago, because ever since he has relentlessly improved our station operations using your fundraiser dollars.

(See Image 1)

Our new transmitter was quite possibly our largest project since Jim has come aboard. In three years, $80,000, all from fundraisers, were spent to extend the boundaries of our programming to Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, and up to Whitmore Lake, allowing more people than ever to free their minds with freeform radio from WCBN.

(See Figure 2 for images of our transmitter and our new range!) 

Another recent purchase of note is our new board in Production Room A! Aside from the noticeable improvement in quality that the board gives our DJs, it also opens our recording capabilities to many more microphones which we did not have the ability to do before. This board is great for podcasts and talk shows, and our DJs can’t wait to use it once we are able to get back down to the station.

(Take a look at the board below, figure 3) 

Fundraiser has also allowed us to continue broadcasting during COVID times. Jim was able to create the robot pictured below, which receives pre-recorded and live-from-home broadcasts from our DJs and broadcasts them over the air. Without our fundraiser, we would not be able to air any content at all during the pandemic!

(Robot pictured in figure 4)

I cannot go without mentioning that our entire music library, which is just about infinite, comes from--you guessed it--fundraiser dollars. Donations have allowed our DJs to explore, discover, and expand their tastes and for our listeners to do the same! We pride ourselves on the variety of content that we put out, which is only made possible by donors like yourselves.

These are just a few of countless ways that fundraising has improved our station. Our 2021 fundraiser goes from February 19th to February 28th. If you are able, we would greatly appreciate a donation; your generosity allows us to keep doing what we love and allows for you to keep listening! To keep freeform radio on the air, visit and click the “Donate” tab at the top of the site. WCBN cannot thank you enough!


The WCBN Robot! (Figure 4)

Our pride and joy in 2020, this little thing allows us to do what we do from home! 

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