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[UPDATED 4/25] That's right folks, don't touch that dial!

WCBN temporarily halted regular live broadcast operations on March 11, 2020, due to the global pandemic.

We are thankful to have stayed active to every degree feasible during this uncertain time. We have continued to occupy 88.3 FM in Ann Arbor playing our years of marvelous archives, we began sporadically broadcasting new content from remote last week, and we are moving ahead with plans for a new remake of!

Listeners, check back for more updates on new content and scheduled programming! If you are a WCBN DJ interested in contributing remote broadcast content, email!

We'll get through this, as long as we all continue to give...Power to the Transmitter!

FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of Von LMO @ AAFF

The Ann Arbor Film Fest will be streamed this year!

WCBN is the community partner of FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of VON LMO

Feature in Competition


FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of VON LMO is a distorted portrait of an artist that explores storytelling, ego, delusion, conviction and memory. VON LMO is a musician/artist and self-proclaimed alien hybrid who was a part of the late ’70s New York No Wave music scene. Between trips to his home planet of Strazar and multi-dimensional travel, VON has also spent some very real time in prison and on the streets of Earth. Challenged with translating his Future Language for audiences across the galaxy, director Lori Felker, filmmaker, and VON LMO fan, gets sucked into VON’s orbit and finds herself lost in his story.

For more information & streaming, visit!

EARTHGANG Makes a Large Bang - St. Andrew's Hall 2/6/20

We went to a concert. 


The crowd was exclusively 5’7’’ white college students, 120-130 lbs. EARTHGANG was headlining, with Mick Jenkins, Wynne, and Jurdan Bryant opening. 


Jurdan Bryant went first. He was really good. He is a part of Spillage Village, and met the high expectations that come with such a membership. He engaged the crowd.


Wynne was really interesting. She hails from Portland, OR and looks it. The crowd was a bit taken aback by the white woman saying many words fast. However, the crowd, or at least the two boys next to us, quickly decided she was “like 30 times better than Iggy Azalea.” Wynne said many words, and here are some of our favorites:

  • “Beauty and the Beast, why can’t I be both though”

  • “If I may, then I mighty”

  • “Eenie meenie miney moe I don’t wanna kill a h*e”


Mick Jenkins was after. He was good. He was very comfortable on stage, almost to a fault. Great songs though. 


EARTHGANG was the most awesome. Great interaction with the crowd, we felt like they were singing to us. We say this because when they were performing “Proud of You”, they pointed at us. Johnny Venus was more engaged, but Doctur Dot was cool too. 


WARNING: this concert is not friendly to people with light sensitivities. 

 By Audrey Jacobsen and Tess Wakefield 

The Rush Debate: An Important Fundraising Message from The Seizure Experiment

UPDATE 02/24/20: The second Rush Debate has ended in another perfect split among the donor vote, 7 v 7! Big thanks to everything who rolled the bones and gave that big money for WCBN! Guess we'll have to try again to settle the debate once and for all another fundraiser... The Rush Debate will return!

There has been a long-running contentious issue in the Seizure Experiment world: Do you like Rush? During a past fundraiser, we asked our DJs and got a perfect split, 3 v 3; then, we asked the listeners to donate to voice their opinions. After several donations it ended as a perfect split.

So now, we are returning to this topic. This Sunday on The Seizure Experiment, we will be having a new debate over Rush. Join us to voice your opinion and cast your vote! If Rush wins, we will play a Rush song on air. If The Anti-Rush Brigade wins, we don't have that one fully planned out yet.

Odd-amount donos signify support for Rush, even amounts support The Anti-Rush Brigade.

Tune in to WCBN Sunday, February 23 at 10pm EST, and feel the spirit of the radio!

FUNDRAISER [2/14 to 2/23] 2020

It's that time of year again... And what better way to show your love than to dig deep into your pockets.

CBNers will be manning our phones (734)763-3500 and taking pledges 6am-12am every day of fundraiser (2/14 - 2/23)

You can avoid social interaction and donate though our U of M web portal (scroll to the top of this page and click on the "DONATE" button) which also has a list of fundraser premia options.

  • You can dedicate pledges to specific shows 
  • no amount is too big or too small !!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting freeform radio and WCBN <3


Tune in to 88.3fm these days for live coverage of SPORTS by wcbn SPORTS. To listen to our regular schedule visit our stream at the top of this webpage or on our app.  Fri. Feb. 7 - 2-4 pm  Sun. Feb. 9 - 9-11 am  Tue. Feb. 18 - 4-6 pm   Sat. Feb. 29 - 5:30-7:30 pm   Wed. Mar. 11 - 4-6 pm  Fri. Mar. 20 - 4-6 pm  Fri. Mar. 27 - 6-8 pm  Sat. Apr. 4 - 2-4 pm  Wed. Apr. 8 - 4-7 pm  Tue. Apr. 14 - 6-9 pm  Sun. Apr. 26 - 1-4 pm 


Dr. Dog Does Dawg Doings - The Majestic 2/4/20

On February 4th, just after the opening act, 6 members of  the beloved indie psychedelic-folk-pop band Dr. Dog came onto the stage at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit with pure energy. I was there in the front row, wearing a flannel much like 85% of the crowd, as was expected by such a following of a band of this caliber. Despite all of us wearing the same outfit, Dr. Dog was ready to blow our minds.


The opener, Michael Nau, came on about an hour after the doors opened, and absolutely set the tone of the night. I can not stress enough how good this guy’s voice sounds. Personally, it reminds me a lot of Paul Simon. Anyways, the raw passion in his voice, the heavily EQ-ed acoustic guitar, groovy basslines, tight drums, and perfectly placed synth fills had the audience grinning from ear-to-ear, and let me tell you, there was no shortage of swaying in the crowd. Nau had just debuted his album Less Ready to Go in late 2019, giving him and his bandmates an ample amount of time to perfect the set. Ending on an extremely slow, beautiful song “Be Smiling When You Can”, the crowd at the Majestic was in the perfect mindset to hear the best touring band around, Dr. Dog.


Shortly after Michael Nau finished his set, Dr. Dog came onto the stage, said their long-overdue hello to Detroit, and began rocking and rolling. They opened with “Abandoned Mansion” at a tempo much lower than the studio version, which was a perfect way to open the set and displayed the true talent that all 6 of the guys onstage had. Throughout the rest of the night, they really proved to hold spot as one of the best touring bands around, as they played 23 songs total, including the first song on their very first album dating all the way back to 2003. Some highlights of the night were “Nellie”, “Black-Red”, “Jim’s Song”, and “Ain’t It Strange”, but it could be easily argued that every single song they played was a highlight. These songs, along with the others they played had the audience dancing, singing, and overall just in awe of how tight these guys were live. The harmonies created by 4 guys pouring their hearts out into the microphones, the drums that carried on in between every single song, and the love that Dr. Dog 

had for their music made that Tuesday night one for the books.


I have been in love with this top-tier band ever since I first listened to their album We All Belong, but their concert at the Majestic made that love grow infinitely. I really mean it when I say that they are the best touring band around.


--Henry Theodoroff


Detroit Techno and Resistance: A Black History Month Symposium presented by WCBN x MEMCO

Sun, 02/16/2020 - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

As a precursor to our upcoming Black History Month party (2/21/20), MEMCO and WCBN invite you to a speaker event featuring a panel of three prolific Detroit-based producers, DJs, and activists. Each panelist will help to contextualize the emergence of Detroit techno, the music’s DIY ethos, and the ways in which the music has inspired their work today.

Hard start at 3:15pm
Free Admission

Learn more about each artist on the facebook event here

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