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Special On-Air Guests from the Michigan Argentine Tango Club

June 17, 2016

Maybe you've been tuning in to Tex's tango show Buenos Aires Hora Cero every Wednesday evening from 6–6:30pm to get your weekly tango fix. If so, you should know that Ann Arbor has a vibrant tango scene, not least of which is the Michigan Argentine Tango Club, a student dance organization right here on U–M campus that welcomes members of all skill levels.

On the June 15, 2016 program of Buenos Aires we welcomed special guests Edmund and Jeff from MATC to talk with DJ Tex about the steamy history of the music, especially the Argentine style, which is the stuff the MATC dances to. As Jeff explains, "The Argentine style, mostly it's from the 30s and 40s. And that music was the golden era, and it was orchestra music that was designed to get people moving in this beautiful way."

During the half hour, they listened to numbers that painted a picture of the evolution of the music. In the 1930s, tango had begun to slow down and become more complex. This music was more suitable for concert halls—but less so for passionate dancing. Juan d'Arienzo, an Argentine tango musician, came to the rescue. "He's 'King of the Beat,'" says Jeff. "He's like, let's make it simple and let's make it rocking. And everyone was like, I can dance to this!"

Just as there was a push towards faster, more dance-worthy music in the 30s, there was a counter-push by musicians who wanted "more variation, more complexity" than the simple dance music. As Edmund explains, there was both an artistic and cultural tension: "In the early era in the 1900s, 1890s, 1910, tango was for the lower class. And then once it got exported to Paris and New York in the 1910–1915 time, then it became popular with the upper class." This is when it slowed down to concert-hall music. But during the Golden Age of tango, it transitioned back to dancing music, and "everyone could come and dance to it."

Golden Age Argentine musicians like Lucio Demare innovated by combining the rhythmic and lyrical elements, which is perhaps why it's so addicting to dance to. If you've never tangoed before, the MATC has free beginner lessons every Wednesday in Mason Hall room 1401 at 8pm.

They also have plenty of other events throughout the week, which you can find on their Facebook page or at Edmund and Jeff said they might be back next week, so don't touch that dial, and join us next Wednesday at 6!

Goodbye to WCBN General Manager Karl Seibert

WCBN bids a fond farewell to general manager Karl Seibert, who after volunteering and making the station a more awesome place for over seven years, has finally earned the title of WCBN alumnus.

That's a lot of hours at the turntables, not to mention a lot of behind-the-scenes goal setting and problem solving and fundraising and making sure the entire team has what it needs to succeed. Here's what Karl has to share with us about his time here:  

"It’s impossible to put into words what WCBN means to me. WCBN gave me an incredible variety of opportunities to learn and develop from both personally and professionally. Being surrounded by highly intelligent and passionate WCBNers not only helped me gain knowledge about music, film, and art, it sparked a deeper interest in actively seeking out new and challenging experiences to learn from."

Karl started off at WCBN in 2009 as a freeform DJ, moved on to become Publicity Director in 2012, and took the reins as General Manager from 2014 to May 2016.

"Having the privilege of holding leadership positions at WCBN gave me the chance to meet tons of listeners and leaders of other university/community arts organizations. I’m really grateful to have made so many friends along the way, and I look forward to remaining involved as a station alum.  We’ve certainly had some difficulties over the last few years, but WCBN has never been in better shape thanks to our incredible listenership and our dedicated staff."

Karl earned his degree in History here at U–M in 2008 and more recently his MBA this year, and he's saying his good-byes to both U–M and WCBN to pursue his career in New York.

"My wife, Kenyon, and I moved to Manhattan in May. I’ll be doing management consulting work with McKinsey & Company. We’re very excited to enjoy all NYC has to offer, and we’ll be back in Michigan to visit family and friends often, so I hope to see you at a CBN event in the not too distant future.

"Thanks to everyone for making WCBN such a remarkable institution. I’m happy I was able to be involved, and I look forward to listening to WCBN for the rest of my life."

Max Cornell has recently taken over duties as General Manager. You've been increible, Karl. We promise to do everything we can to make you proud!


Pitchfork Music Festival (Ticket Giveaways!)

On July 15–17, join WCBN for three days of great music, food, and art in the Windy City at Pitchfork Music Festival! We will be hosting several several giveaways, so be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter, as well as tune in to 88.3 FM, for news on how to win.

Among the musicians appearing this year are Beach House, Blood Orange, Super Furry Animals, and Thundercat, not to mention Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, who will be performing his classic Pet Sounds.

Also performing is musician Julia Holter, who is none other than WCBN's former music director, and who appeared on WCBN's Living Writers show this past November.

Enough excitement for you? Then get your ticket or 3-day pass here before they sell out. And keep an eye out for those giveaways.

See you at #P4kFest in July!

WCBN presents Water Hill Music Fest AfterParty featuring music from Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts

Sun, 05/01/2016 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

March in from the music fest to the Distillery with the Water Hill Liberation Social & Pleasure Club Brass Band. Parade starts 6pm at 621 Summit.

WCBN 88.3 FM presents a nice place to hang after Water Hill Music Fest, featuring music from Michael Hurtt's Haunted Hearts and the Water Hill Liberation Brass Band. Good food and interesting people will be present. All we need is you!


WCBN and Encore Records present the legendary Eugene Chadbourne!

Mon, 03/28/2016 - 8:00pm

Chadbourne is one of the first American free improvisors, the god-father of the alt-country genre, a maverick master of the guitar and banjo.

WCBN, Sweetland, and Literati present: Writer to Writer with Robin Queen

Tue, 03/22/2016 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Join WCBN and the Sweetland Center for Writing for this recurring interview series.

Robin Queen is a UM professor of linguistics and will talk about everything from gender and sexuality to language variation on TV to humain-canine interation.


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