The WCBN Robot! (Figure 4)

Our pride and joy in 2020, this little thing allows us to do what we do from home! 

Liminal Drifter: Connected (album review by Christa V.)

This music could probably best be described as a sort of “ambient electronica.” It would be excellent for speaking over with its chill beats that build and fallover the course of a single track, without ever getting overly intense or very melodic. Some songs are rather groovy and upbeat, like “This Is from Earth” or “Sheep Radio.” A couple tracks make use of diverse sources through the distorted vocals on “Happy Garden of Life” or the baby crying in “Braxton.”Best track is probably the opener though, it definitely showcases the distinctive chill vibes of Liminal Drifter in the most optimal way. Favorite tracks: 1, 3, 6

Zoe Sky Jordan: Scenes from Infinity, Pt. 1 (EP review by Christa V.)

Jordan is the child of the Canadian musicians Marc Jordan and Amy Sky, whose music I am unfamiliar with but might be an interesting addition to a show to include her parents. She has a really relaxed and chill sound that creates a very distinctive atmosphere. Her vocals and harmonization are gorgeous, and the lyrics are poetic and haunting. It’s a short EP, so even though a lot of it can sound similar, I don’t really hold that against her. Favorite tracks: 1 and 3

Andrew reviews 'A Virtual Campfire with Aly and AJ'

A Virtual Campfire with Aly and AJ


Last Monday my life was changed. I got to be on Zoom with Aly and AJ, true icons of my childhood. The “Virtual Campfire” hosted by in2une Music, was composed of other college radio members like myself adorning background images of a burning campfire. Truthfully, if you had asked me if I believe I would be at a virtual campfire with Aly and AJ a year ago, I don’t know how I would respond. Nevertheless, I happily attended. 

The former Disney stars were promoting their new single, “Listen!!!”, its music video release, and their upcoming album. We watched the video together, three days before its release last thursday, and engaged in conversation with the artists. Although this is not technically a music review, the song is amazing. It's fun, but mature, and reflects the musical growth of the sisters. Likewise, their personal reflections, which were shared with us, prove to me that Aly and AJ are truly redefining their career. I’ll never forget “Potential Breakup Song”. But this single, and as I expect this upcoming album, are certain to shift the people’s perceptions. This was a very unique and intriguing event, and I’m very grateful to have attended.

 -Andrew Villeneuve

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