General Information:
Mailing Address:
515 E. Jefferson St. (530 Student Activities Bldg.)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316
Studio Line: (734) 763-3500
Management: manager AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 647-4122
Programming Inquiries & Feedback: programming AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 763-3535
Music (Tracking or Promotional) Inquires: music AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 763-3501
WCBN accepts music from any and all musicians willing to send us a hard copy of their album in (preferably) CD or vinyl form. We listen to everything sent to us, and we give everything a chance with our DJ's. If your CD is of a specific genre, send it "care of" the jazz director, the hip-hop director, etc. Otherwise, send it simply to: WCBN MUSIC, using the address at the top of this page.
Alumni: alumni-requests AT wcbn DOT org
The station representative that can assist any person with disabilities with issues related to the content of the public files is Jim Campbell, Chief Engineer (734) 647-4122
Positions of Power & Influence
General Manager: Michael Barnes | manager AT wcbn DOT org
Programming Director:  Isabella DiBlassio | programming AT wcbn DOT org, (734) 763-3535
Music Directors: music AT wcbn DOT org, (734) 763-3501 (Office Hours Mondays 4-6)
General Music Directors: Paul Simpson and Yujia Pan
Hip Hop Music Director: "Chill" Will Higgs
Sports Director: Evan Oesterle |  wcbnsports19-20 AT umich DOT edu
Publicity and Artist Outreach Director: Tom Flynn | pp AT wcbn DOT org
Development Director: Alex Richker | dd AT wcbn DOT org
IT, Web, & Systems Team: website AT wcbn DOT org
      Chief Engineer: Jim Campbell
      Systems Administrator: Simeon Becker
      Archival Administrator: Tony Audas
Web Content Administrators:
      Events Info: Tom Carey | eventsinfo AT wcbn DOT org
      Concert Info: Mike Perini | concertinfo AT wcbn DOT org
      Social Media Director: Maggie Boelter | Facebook: @WCBN, Twitter: @WCBN_FM
Training Director: Maggie Huber | training AT wcbn DOT org
Radio Programs and On Air Personalities:
The Answer is in the Beat []
Beat the Bezoar [saramin AT wcbn DOT org]
The Down Home Show [downhomeshow AT gmail DOT com]
Face the Music with Arwulf Arwulf []
Freeform w/Sean Westergaard [mookietorch AT hotmail DOT com]
The Local Music Show [localmusic AT wcbn DOT org] 
Pandora's Lunchbox [mperini AT umich DOT edu]
Board of Directors:
Jim Hoppes (UM, appointee Sept 2018 - Sept 2019)
Mike Perini (UM, appointee since 2017)
Tom Bray (Faculty/Staff, Apr 2018 - Apr 2019)
Sarah Sisk (Alumni, Oct 2018 - Oct 2019)
Alex Kremer (StudentOct 2018 - Oct 2019)
Tess Wakefield (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Nick Hornberg (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Alex Hsi (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Chayne Rimkus, ex officio General Manager
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