APR 19 2012

“Watch and listen to find the position behind this illusion of time.”

3am - 4am

4am - 5am

5am - 6am


504 Boyz - I Can Tell
Danny Brown - DNA
Mala - Alicia
Kool Keith - Don’t Crush It
Willis Earl Beal - Take Me Away
The Mummies - Stronger Than Dirt
Yo La Tengo - Orange Song
Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva’s Operation
Acanthus - Le Frisson Des Vampires
Flaming Lips - Aquarius Sabotage
Avalanches - A Different Feeling
Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (Lone remix)
MF Doom - Doomsday
Papito ft. Iba One - Yeyeyira
Pierre Raph - Crotch Batterie


Pangaea - Why?
Antipop Consortium vs Matthew - SVP
Abner Jay - Cocaine
Eddie Lee Jones and Family - She’s Mine She’s Yours
Digital Mystikz - Education
David Kennedy - Windmills of Your Mind
Pierre Raph - Gilda and Gunshots
Kaba Blon - Moribayassa
Wiley - Bow E3
Nicki Minaj - Come on a Cone
Danny Brown - 30
Ab-Soul - Pineal Gland
King Krule - Portrait in Black and Blue
Orange Juice - Simply Thrilled Honey


Deerhoof - Eaguru Guru
Melt-Banana - Shield for Your Eyes, A Beast
Whirlwind Heat - Brown
Royal Trux - Osiris
EMA - Marked
Willis Earl Beal - Evening’s Kiss
Eric B. and Rakim - Extended Beat
Abner Jay - I Want a Job
Bill Callahan - Riding for the Feeling
James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)
The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
Outkast - Stankonia
Lou2 - Freaky (The Zanzibar mix) (Voices of the Night mix)