[artist, title, album (label)]
Tentatively, b&w side
Olekranon, Travel Scars, Barbarians (inam)
Magical Power Mako, Mako Drum, Bluedot (atavistic)
Montract, #8, Blaggout (animal world)
Anthony Braxton, p-jok [mix] S-D : 4, No Place to go but Around (finnadar)
Jean-Claude Vannier, L’ours Paresseux, Electro Rapide
Brigitte Fontaine, Ou Vas-tu Petite Garcon
Silver Apples, Whirly Bird
Opponents, Opposition 3, Together We Will End the Future (prison tatt)
Hans Fjellestad, ElCavernario, 33 (accretions)
Thai Elephant Orchestra, Trio for Theremin & Electronic Keyboard
Volcano the Bear, The Great Reimbursing, Golden Rhythm/Ink Music (rune grammofon)
Master Musicians of Bukkake, Elogia de la Sombra
Mark De Gli Antoni, Swollen Acres, Horse Tricks (tzadik)
Will Guthrie, Breaking Bones, Sticks Stones & Breaking Bones
Haptic, One, The Medium
Shout Out Out Out Out, This isn’t Helping, Spanish Moss and Total Loss