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Crush Collision

PODCAST 07-18-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Terrence Dixon - The Auto Factory
Girl Unit - Plaza
The Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
Kraftwerk - Tour de France
Blawan - Peaches
Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
Blawan - His Money
Pearson Sound - Figment
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12A (“the enchilada song”)
Pearson Sound - Crimson (beat ritual mix)
Pangaea - Sunset Yellow
Pearson Sound - Quivver
M.C. Luscious - Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend
Blawan - 6 to 6 Lick
The Chain - Suffer For Your Art
Joy Orbison & Boddika - Froth
Pev & Kowton - Raw Code
Actress - IWAAD
Jam City - Strawberries
Cooly G - What Airtime?
Ramadanman - Work Them
Slim Thug & Mike Jones - Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain Remix)

HOUR 2 (Drush 11p-12a)
NO TRACKLIST (ask for track IDs on Facebook)

PODCAST 05-02-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
James Ferraro - Intro to Cold Mixtape
Robert Hood - Assembly
Juan Atkins - Something About the Music
MC Chill - Bust This Rhyme
Actress - Krabstrakt
Joe - MB
Pev & Kowton - Junked
Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni

PODCAST 04-25-2013

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services - Electronic Rhythm
Starforce - Gradient Hues
The Destiny Orchestra - Spring Rain
DJ Koze - Royal Asscher Cut
faltyDL - She Sleeps (Martyn Mix)
Arcade High - Crystal Dreams
El T

PODCAST 04-18-2013

This one only comes out of one channel…

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 04-11-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 04-04-2013

DJ Munk’s Techno-Bowl mix, Live from Bel-Mark Lanes
HOUR 1 (10p-11p)
HOUR 2 (11p-12a)

PODCAST 3-28-2013

Special Guests Yola Fatoush from London, UK performed tonight!

PODCAST 03-21-2013

(technical problems delayed this broadcast by about 12 minutes; skip ahead or enjoy several WCBN station IDs!)

HOUR 1 (Nelson 10p-11p)

PODCAST 03-14-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 03-07-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Naphta - The War For Cheese
TNGHT - Easy Easy
Robert Hood - Stark Reality
Fatima al Qadiri - Oil Well
X-101 - X-101 track B1 
The Chain - Suffer For Your Art
Boomdogs & Krude - Cancel the Apocalypse
Pearson Sound - P

PODCAST 2-28-2013

Kompakt 20th Anniversary Celebration

PODCAST 2-21-2013

Alibi Crew Takeover!

HOUR 1 (Guest DJ Taylor Hawkins 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST Fundraiser / Valentine's Day Show 02-14-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Ghoulie - Missile of Love
Drexciya - Nautilus 12 
Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U
Kraftwerk - Telephone Call
Pev & Kowton - Raw Code
Girl Unit - Plaza
Captain Rapp - Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)
Blawan - Peaches

PODCAST 02-07-2013

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Theo Parrish - Pop Off
Lumigraph - Lunar Luup
J Valez - Floo
Four Tet - [

Podcast 01-24-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

Podcast 01-17-2013

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
altar eagle - parallel lives (no ufos tryptych rmx)
c v l t s - time debt (huerco s.

Podcast 01-03-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

Zac's 2012 Year in Review

Some thoughts on infinite music and the cognition of life in 2012

By Zac Nichol


Podcast 12-27-2012

Paul’s Best of 2012 mix

Podcast 12-13-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
fischerle ~ index of clouds
tropics ~ popup cinema (kelpe rmx)
kid606 ~ left hand pathfinder (live version)
mr oizo ~ flip bat
james t.

Podcast 12-06-2012

HOUR 1 (Guest Nelson Jenkins! 10p-11p)
Gacha - Bowl
Burial - Archangel
Phon.o - Sad Happiness
El-B feat.

Podcast 11-29-2012

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Nicolas Jaar - Why Didn’t You Save Me
James Ferraro - Jet Skis & Sushi
Actress - Credit da Edit
Method Man - Release Yo’ Delf (Prodigy Mix)
James Ferraro - E-7 
Frikstailers - Guacha
Bandshell - Dust March

Podcast 11-22-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Massive Attack - Be Thankful for What You’ve Got
Deepchord - Spiral Together
Cex - Kine Gather
Food Pyramid - Corealis
Sir Stephen - The Acid Factor
Etienne de Crecy - Les Ondes
Deep Earth - It Stands Our Mother

Podcast 11-08-2012

HOUR 1 (Guest DJ Mark Mullkoff 10p-11p)
Phil Sparkz - MAKE EM LOOK
XXXY - You Always Start It
Ramadanman - Glut
Walton - All Night
Neon Jung - Too Many Facets
XXXY - Down With You
Ramadanman - Tempest
Lando Kal - Time Out
Scuba - Speak

Podcast 09-20-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Ikonika - Take Pictures
Mau’lin - Function Open (Am Rhein Remix)
Spam Chop - Fritz
Squarehead - Let Me Tell You
Sweatson Clank - It’s All In Your Head
Trestles - Time is Digitized
Moah Pilar - About the Unskilled W

Podcast 09-13-2012

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Joe - Studio Power On
Midland & Pariah - Untitled 1 [SHEWORKS003]
How to Dress Well - & It Was U
Boddika & Joy Orbison - Moist
Lone - Lying in the Reeds
Blawan - 6 to 6 Lick
Four Tet - Jupiters (Happa Remix)

Podcast 08-30-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
a i r s p o r t s ~ hype
yola fatoush ~ good one
kuedo ~ work, live & sleep in collapsing space (laurel halo rmx)
deepchord presents echospace ~ lisbon
erich schall ~ inside
tstewart ~ the image generation 2 
chaim ~ u

Podcast 08-16-2012

HOUR 1 (DIY 10p-11p)
Mikal & Break - Just a Game
Proktah - Shadows
Neonlight And Hackage - Nothing is Safe
Dom and Roland - Just So You Know
Logistics and Sigma - Dreams to Reality
Mikal - Experience
Dom and Roland - Imagination

Podcast 08-09-2012

Zac’s 2-hr Mix

Podcast 07-19-2012

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Theo Parrish - Sweet Sticky
Omar S - Day
Deepchord - Electromagnetic Dowsing
Mano le Tough - Oblique (Chateau Flight Remix)
Nakoradiomies - Teardrops
Oasis - Oasis 13 
Recloose - Antares
Stereofreak - Potzblitz and D

Podcast 07-05-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Jacques Green - Clark
Oliver $ - Doin’ Ya Thang
Take - Begin End Begin (FaltyDL Remix)
Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds (Ellen Allien Remix)
Ali Love - Moscow Girl (Jacques Renault remix)
Joyce Muniz - Bed Stories (Cosmin T

Podcast 06-14-2012

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Markus Guentner - Innenfeld
Mayday - Wiggin (Sinister Mix)
Melchior Productions (Prepare for Love)
Rekorder - Rekorder 3.2 
Sql - Wallpaper (Tickles Remix)
Paperclip People - The Climax (Basic Reshape)
Basic Channel - Rad

Podcast 06-28-2012

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Bandshell - Rise Em
Girl Unit - Cake Boss
ELGATO - Tonight
DJ Abstract - Touch
Objekt - Porcupine
Blawan - Tuesday’s March
Burial - Loner
JME - Murking (Instrumental)

Podcast 06-07-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Elite Gymnastics - Minneapolis Belongs to You (LOL Boys Remix)
Mr Oizo - Textes
damned dogs - track 2 
jack dixon - stuck on you
Rebolledo - Steady Gear Rod Maschine
Lone - Lying in the Reeds
AKA AKA & Thalstroem - Spr

Podcast 05-24-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Model 500 - Future
Lil’ Louis - Music Takes You Away (serious instrumental mix)
DJ Sneak - Fierce!

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