RIP Ravi Shankar. You inspired many.

I count myself lucky to have seen him perform once, back in 2004, at Hill Auditorium.  Best smelling concert ever! Incense smoke coiled upwards and outwards casting a fog web around the stage, and this tiny old man with wicked quick arms/hands filled the entire space with fantastic sounds.


Pink Courtesy Phone: Wistful Wishful Wanton, Foley Folly Folio (l-ne)
Asmus Tietchens: l2rd, Soiree (l-ne)
hudpucker: Live @ the M&M Lounge
Egisto Macchi: Voix/Moonsong/Timbres, Voix (omni)
The Dead C: Sea is Violet, Harsh 70′s Reality (siltbreeze)
Non/Boyd Rice: Man Cannot Flatter Fate, Back to Mono (mute)
Natural Snow Buildings: Kadja Bosou, Night Coercion into the Company of Witches (ba da bing)
Ravi Shankar: Raga Mishra Piloo, A Morning Raga/An Evening Raga (world pacific)
Ravi Shankar: Raga Ananda Bhairava, West Meets East (angel)
Ravi Shankar: Sindhi-Bhairavi, The Sound of India (columbia)