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I'm carrying on

  • I'm carrying on with a time-honored tradition that characterized the old-school jazz show I hosted for one quarter of a century at a certain southeast Michigan university-affiliated NPR affiliate.
  • The broadcasting tradition referred to involves recognizing the close of each year with a series of meticulously researched programs featuring music composed, published or recorded

This program's pre-show

This program's pre-show list of potentials was shaped by several forces. For example there is the terrible aftermath of the storms that recently converged on the East Coast, and the hideous possibility of more protracted general devastation in this country if the Republicans wreck the economy and defecate all over the Bill of Rights.

Face the

face the music

face the music on wcbn 88.3 fm - potentials for 10.18.12

Face the Music

Face the Music on WCBN 88.3 FMpotentials & probabilities for 10.11.12

For those who

For those who care about methodology, this is a revised list representing choices made in order to tailor the list to fit comfortably within a 60 minute radio broadcast. Six numbers were eliminated - they were the fluffiest of the lot, by Paul Whiteman and comparable dance bands. Some of the sequential ordering was also modified.

Selected vintage recordings

Selected vintage recordings from Silent Ozu screening itineraryfor Face the Music Broadcast of Oct 04 2012

Music to accompany The

Music to accompany The Lady and the Beard (1931)directed by Yasujiro Ozu and starring Tokihiko OkadaVintage instrumental jazz and dance band recordings, both sweet & hotscored for Friday's screening at U of M's Natural Science Auditorium

Face the Music

Face the Music – WCBN 88.3 FM – potentials and probabilities for broadcast & stream of 9.27.12

Face the MusicProbabilities

Face the MusicProbabilities & Potentials for broadcast of 9.20.12

potentials and probabilities:face

potentials and probabilities:face the music 9.13.12  -  for lindsay

This week let's

This week, let's honor Spencer Williams - not the actor who appeared on TV's Amos & Andy show, but the songwriter who was born in New Orleans Louisiana on October 14 1889 and passed away in Flushing New York on July 14 1965. This remarkable  man composed quite a number of early jazz standards.

untitled, unidentified, obtuse & obscure delights

This week's core sample seems to be composed of obtuse & obscure delights,
with an emphasis upon untitled pieces and unidentified artists.

Face the Music WCBN 88.3 FM - 8.23.12

Unlabeled Test Pressing Medley
Unknown Flexo Disc Orchestra - c. 1930

At a Georgia Camp Meeting – Cake Walk

You might want

You might want to listen carefully to this week's broadcast as it could contain all or much of what's listed here.In addition to a rare example of an instrumental Rudy Vallee record, the


This list was

This list was cobbled together intuitively on Sunday eveningThe actual broadcast coordinates might well resemble what you see here

Face the Music

Michigan is experiencing

Michigan is experiencing severe drought and record breaking high temperatures. My response is to initiate a series of programs serenading the earth and especially the water element. Most of these recordings were made in the 1920s, 30s & 40s. The titles on this list will potentially and even probably air, but not necessarily in the exact sequence you see here.

As Ann Arbor

As Ann Arbor prepares to be occupied by a lot of people from out of town who will use a lot of the town to sell a lot of stuff to a lot of other people from out of town, this is at least the seed bed for the playlist I plan to use during Thursday night's broadcast on WCBN 88.3 FM www.wcbn.org

how to modify a preconceived pre-show play list

Resubmitting as a post rather than a comment [just learning how to do this]

This blog has

This blog has been created in order to provide background for WCBN's Face the Music show. It is also an educational tool intended to illustrate what goes into the making of this broadcast each week.

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