First Episode of My New Show, Transformations!

Hello again! I started my new radio show this week, which I will have for the rest of the semester. I share a timeslot with one of the other WCBN DJs and I have the 2nd half: 12:30-2pm. Our show name is Transformations, which Pratt came up with and I liked as well. My first week I just explored the WCBN library and found some fun music from several different sections. Next week I’m thinking about having a theme of winter songs! Songs about winter, songs that remind me of winter, stuff like that. So if you have any ideas for this theme let me know!



1:54 PM Bernard Haitink, Adagio, Shostakovich Symphony No.8 
1:51 PM Soviet Funk, pavel sysoyev: gostiny dvor, cobetcknn ?ahk
1:44 PM Hot Chip, Now There is Nothing In Our Heads
1:39 PM Opossum, Girl FLy, Electric Hawaii
1:37 PM Exusamwa, Kanton Neuenburg, Excusez-Moi!
1:36 PM Exusamwa, Valley of Diamonds, Excusez-Moi!
1:25 PM Dead Can Dance, The Carnival is Over, Into the Labyrinth
1:21 PM Cat Power, Song to Bobby, Jukebox
1:15 PM Caribou, Yeti, The Milk of Human Kindness
1:06 PM Foxes, Warrior, Warrior
1:05 PM Eels, I’m a Hummingbird, Tomorrow Morning
1:00 PM Gandalf, Golden Earrings, Gandalf
12:59 PM Spoon, Everything Hits at Once, Girls Can Tell 
12:56 PM Tom Jones, What’s New Pussycat?, What’s New Pussycat?
12:49 PM The Glee Club of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, The Minstrel Boy, The Glee Club of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
12:46 PM Oh Danny Boy, Bits of Blarney
12:44 PM Hometowners, Hello My Baby, Sing Along All Time Favorites
12:37 PM The Irish Rovers, The Unicorn The Unicorn