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Girl Friday: Androgynous Mary (album review by Christa V.)

Girl Friday is (unsurprisingly) a band made up of four women who take a turn at lead vocals for the band. Somehow, their voices all blend together incredibly well, they make frequent use of very tight harmonies. The group has described themselves as a “goth Wiggles” and somehow it is just so accurate. They don’tshy away from very dark themes in their lyrics, and their music is also incredibly atmospheric. This is best highlighted a few of their songs, including the opener.In “This Is Not the Indie Rock I Signed Up For” the vocals all blend together so well it’s eerie, almost creepy. Also the breakdown at the end of the song is verycool to listen to. “Favorite Friend” is another great mood song, it conjures up a certain sadness with the melodic vocals. A very cool listen for sure, even if itmight bring the party down.  Favorite tracks: 1, 7, 9

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