Gotta Slow It Down Baby Gotta Have Some Fun: You Only Live Once

Since everyone (including myself) seems to be interested in songs that remind us to Do Crazy Things because Who Knows What Could Happen (this one is probably my personal favorite of the genre, because the image of grabbing somebody sexy and telling them 'hey!' never fails to produce a quiet internal chuckle, which is a pleasant feeling)

how about something with that same spirit of carefree why-the-fuck-not-ness but with a little less apocalyptic ideation and despair?

How about, in other words, the nineties?

The song: Spice Girls, "Stop"; 1998

times I have listened to this song since I was reminded of its existence last night: 12-15

it would have been more but I had to go out and Do Stuff like "live" and "be young" and "have fun" and "chat with an ironic hipster with a philosophy degree" and "be asked by an ironic hipster with a philosophy degree who my favorite living lyricist is and totally CHOKE to the point of not being able to think of ANY lyricists at all other than Bernie Taupin" and "drink things out of large jars"

and now that I am listening to it for the 16th time in 12 hours I realize that it's less of a Let's LIVE Damn It song and more of a Sassy Lady Brush-off Song but ARE THOSE REALLY SO DIFFERENT, huh?

in either case, let's live damn it! but let's live with fun and Motown-inspired horns and ill-advised lip gloss choices, let's live like the Spice Girls.