Greg Boring: Heavy Syrup (Critical Heights, 2013)

Greg Boring: Heavy Syrup

The back of this promo CD says it all: “We have no recollection of recording this”. That’s funny, because I have no recollection of listening to this! Just kidding. It definitely sounds like something by someone zonked out of their minds on some sort of abused household cleaning substance. Lots of Casios and other cheap keyboards, and a whole lot of uneasy sounds orbiting around slow carousel rhythms and female vocals which sound slightly more alert and coherent than the music, and maybe might’ve been produced to sound prettier in a different band. “Primitive Lotion” is an instrumental, and has it almost quite together, sticking to a steady Casio rhythm with delay effects, and coming off somewhat Clusterly. A few other tracks have this buzzing distortion that sounds like a misbehaving kitchen appliance or dishwasher or something, and that gets a little distracting. Final track “Night Moves” is another (mostly) instrumental cosmic space journey, with some squishy effects on the beats, and more astral synth exploration. I don’t mind the vocals on this album at all, but the tracks with less of them seem to be my favorite anyway.