Thank You to Our Listeners!

WCBN raised over $30,000 thanks to the generous support of listeners in our community! Thank you to everyone who "resubscribed" to the inventive, exploratory, nonconformist freeform radio experiment that is WCBN. Your support will keep us on the air another year.

Details about our annual listener meetup will be released shortly, and you can expect your premia gifts to be sent out some time in April!


Helmut Stern Exhibit: Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 3:30pm

Where was an 18-inch diameter ball, used to acquaint astronauts with spacecraft control, produced? The gold standard for the tiny spherical ball used by Papermate was created and produced where? What corporation was ahead of the curve in reclaimation and associated environmental concerns? All answers lead to Helmut Stern! Come see and learn more from an exhibit about Stern's life and his impact.

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