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"Everyone has the best seat" - John Cage

"My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us, the world is full of it and you simply take as much as you require." - Edward Elgar

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wind from the east for termenvox and piano

Horizons, with tone.

6:49 PM john coolidge adams pat's aria from nixon in china bruce brubaker piano  
6:34 PM martin bresnick prayers remain forever prayers remain forever  
6:23 PM andrey popov wind from the east for termenvox and piano  
6:17 PM josef Van Wissem once more with feeling it is time for you to return  
6:11 PM romualds jermaks who are those that were singing    
6:09 PM tony conrad early minimalism edit    
6:00 PM emeralds living room edit what happened


Katerina Ismailova and the first Etudes

Horizons, with tone.

6:54 PM english and vitiello over inland fable  
6:51 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 2 time curve  
6:43 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 1 time curve  
6:36 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 6 time curve  
6:32 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 5 time curve  
6:28 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 4 time curve  
6:23 PM bruce brubaker glass etude no 3 time curve  
6:16 PM dmitriy shostakovich suite from the opera Katerina Ismailova 1964    
6:08 PM mary lattimore and jeff zeigler tomorrow is a million years slant of light


spring music and piano

Horizons, with tone.

6:56 PM philip corner third gymnopedie satie slowly  
6:49 PM paul bley on piano seven composed by carla bley    
6:44 PM sergey zyatkov the invention of clouds for bayan trio 1997  
6:41 PM philip glass north star north star  
6:31 PM george winston rain, dance winter into spring  
6:23 PM paul bley on piano ida lupino composed by carla bley    
6:19 PM john cage our spring will come    
6:16 PM aram khachaturian meeting with lemontov    
6:12 PM philip glass anges des orages north star  
6:01 PM oleg sharpov spring music


more accordians and such

Horizons, with tone.

6:49 PM anatloiy kusyakov partita for bayan    
6:44 PM anton webern variations op no 27 arrangement for bayan piano and ensemble    
6:41 PM barbara panina contralto why hide?    
6:26 PM anatloiy kusyakov sonata for bayan no6 stained glasses and cages of the cathedral of st paul munster    
6:12 PM evan ziporyn ngaben typical music  
6:07 PM alexander holmonov suite for bayan    
6:00 PM guy klucevsek scenes from a mirage scenes from a mirage


Walking Into Neskuchny Gardens

Horizons, with tone.

6:57 PM giancarlo simonacci piano and the earth shall bear again john cage  
6:53 PM giancarlo simonacci piano our spring will come john cage  
6:43 PM alexey sokolov stars runaround, three fantasies for bayan    
6:42 PM arvo part bayan, you organ from hell    
6:32 PM Vlacheslav Semyonov sonata no 2 for bayan Baskeriada    
6:19 PM philip corner piano the gothic dances satie slowly  
6:14 PM giancarlo simonacci piano root of an unfocus john cage  
6:00 PM alexander zhurbin walking into the neskuchny gardens, for bayan


Escalator Over the Hill featuring Jack Bruce part two

Horizons, with tone.

6:02 PM carla bley and paul haines feat jack bruce escalator over the hill part two


Escalator Over The Hill featuring Jack Bruce

Horizons, with tone.

6:00 PM carla bley and paul haines feat jack bruce escalator over the hill part one escalator over the hill


Harold budd - Madrigals of The Rose Angel

Horizons, with tone.

6:54 PM john cage book 2 etude 16 book of music  
6:47 PM john cage etude boreales works for cello  
6:39 PM ivan wyschnegradsky study of rotating movements quarter tone music  
6:30 PM pascal dusapin étude for piano no 3    
6:16 PM harold budd madrigals of the rose angel    
6:12 PM iannis xenakis paille in the wind    
6:03 PM Olivier Messiaen visions de l'amen 4 amen of desire


ars nova copenhagen


Horizons, with tone.

6:40 PM ars nova copenhagen and percurama percussion ensemble in c    
6:22 PM dmitriy shostakovich antiformalist paradise    
6:03 PM ars nova copenhagen and percurama percussion ensemble in c


dominic frasca

7:00 PM lone ranger an alibi cracked    
Horizons, with . 6:57 PM dominic frasca metaclopramide devitions  
6:50 PM rasim ramazanov spring mood for six hands    
6:28 PM leonid hrabovsky "the sea" a melodrama based on a poem by Saint-Jon Pearce "Bitterness"    
6:10 PM dominic frasca two pages (p glass)    
6:01 PM Damian Catera scarlatti sonata baroque treasures




Horizons, with tone. S
6:26 PM ge gan-ru wu for piano and orchestra m leng tan piano    
6:19 PM philip glass neukoln heroes symphony  
6:12 PM chou wen-chung the willows are new    
6:03 PM philip glass abdulmajid heroes symphony


Caroline Shaw

Horizons, with tone.

6:57 PM tagaq qiujaviit sinaa  
6:46 PM daniel lentz lullaby the crack in the bell  
6:41 PM vladimir rebikov night lights 1900    
6:33 PM michael vernusky selah blood that sees the light  
6:07 PM caroline shaw partita for 8 voices    
6:02 PM daniel lentz the dream king the crack in the bell


terry riley and 18

Horizons, with tone.

6:52 PM faradzh karaev synthesis    
6:27 PM steve reich and musicians music for 18 musicians pulse sections i-iv    
6:23 PM vsevelod pozdejev lullaby for a kitten, variations on a theme of eva vorobieva    
6:02 PM terry riley and arte quartett assassin reverie


similar motion

Horizons, with tone. 6:48 PM kaija saariaho 6 japanese gardens    
6:27 PM fripp and eno the heavenly music corporation    
6:17 PM girma yifrashewa sememen love and peace  
6:01 PM philip glass Music in Similar Motion



Horizons, with tone.

6:51 PM paper armies leave your room trying  
6:32 PM george crumb unto the hills part one    
6:12 PM marc ribot bells live at the village vanguard  
6:03 PM astor piazzolla concerto para quinteto


in cold twilight of zarya

Horizons, with tone.

6:55 PM john cage sonata 15 sonatas and interludes  
6:42 PM iannis xenakis mists works for piano  
6:23 PM philip glass music in 12 parts part 1    
6:15 PM dmitry kotylev at the dead end    
6:06 PM vladimir peshnyak in cold twilight of zarya    
6:01 PM john cage sonatas 14 and 15 gemini sonata and interludes


a haunted landscape

Horizons, with tone.

6:47 PM roy harris american creed    
6:34 PM emeralds magic solar bridge 2008  
6:17 PM george crumb a haunted landscape    
6:01 PM igor khudoley piano sonata no 1 shostakovich


two pastorales

Horizons, with tone.

6:45 PM john coolidge adams eros piano 1989  
6:32 PM john cage two pastorales b. 1912  
6:17 PM levon chaushyan pictures without an exhibition piano sonata nr 3  
6:10 PM sergey zyatkov toy music, spooky actions    
6:03 PM john cage and david tudor variations IV excerpts 7pm to 8pm VARIATIONS IV


Hearing Solar Winds

Horizons, with tone.

6:52 PM rebecca saunders blue and gray for two double basses 2005  
6:51 PM the harmonic choir gravity waves hearing solar winds  
6:47 PM the harmonic choir arc descents hearing solar winds  
6:34 PM the harmonic choir multiplying voices hearing solar winds  
6:24 PM the harmonic choir rainbow voice hearing solar winds  
6:00 PM lou harrison double concerto for violin and cello with javanese gamelan



Horizons, with tone.

6:54 PM jesse norman nahandove chanson madecasses Ravel  
6:45 PM OOIOO don ah gamel  
6:34 PM astor piazzolla adios nonino sergio tiempo piano  
6:31 PM elisaveta vasilievna tell her edward hil baritone  
6:11 PM astor piazzolla aconcaqua    
6:01 PM lou harrison a koro sutra part one


John Luther Adams

Horizons, with tone.

6:49 PM codona like that of sky    
6:43 PM widesky moon on the meadow / river / tears silhouette and the stars emerging  
6:03 PM john luther adams become ocean live at carnegie hall nyc 2014-05-06


Passion of St Mark - Osvaldo Golijov

Horizons, with tone. 6:55 PM charles ives song without (good) words    
6:47 PM john luther adams for lou harrison part two    
6:40 PM roman berdnikov improvisation on the old days    
6:33 PM john luther adams for lou harrison part one    
6:07 PM osvaldo golijov passion of st mark part one    
6:02 PM john coolidge adams american berserk road movies


John Coolidge Adams - Short Ride in a Fast Machine

Horizons, with tone.

6:58 PM leonid polovinkin suite dzuba 4 scene de jongleurs    
6:48 PM john coolidge adams hallelujah junction one    
6:36 PM andrew lukyanets five romances on poems by russian poets    
6:27 PM john coolidge adams on the great divide from grand pianola music    
6:06 PM thomas ades tevot berlin philharmonic  
6:02 PM john coolidge adams short ride in a fast machine


Aloha Gamera

Horizons, with tone.

6:52 PM henry kaiser and wadada leo smith black satin yo miles  
6:45 PM glenn branca quadratonic the ascension: the sequel  
6:33 PM lois v vierk redshift river beneath the river  
6:25 PM henry kaiser and glenn philips cortez the killer guitar party  
6:22 PM henry kaiser aloha gamera    
6:12 PM henry kaiser and wadada leo smith yesternow yo miles 2000-03-04 fillmore auditorium  
6:09 PM henry kaiser aloha gamera


Le Merle Noir

Horizons, with tone. S
6:39 PM john luther adams clouds of forgetting, clouds of unknowing part one    
6:30 PM baraka ensemble alla nostalgia karaev faradzh    
6:24 PM olivier messiaen le merle noir    
6:12 PM miescylaw weinberg Children's songs after i l peretz    
6:02 PM kronos quartet company


bad smells

Horizons, with Tone.

6:51 PM eduward artemiev ode #2 phantom from mongolia three odes  
6:43 PM svetlana bukvich before and after the tekke evolution  
6:27 PM david tanenbaum fast - slow - fast (electric counterpoint) acoustic counterpoint  
6:18 PM svetlana bukvich over water over stone evolution  
6:03 PM glenn branca bad smells who you staring at?


the legend of the invisible city of kitezh - nikolai rimsky-korsakov

Horizons, with Tone.

6:46 PM nikolai rimsky-korsakov vorspiel / ach du Wald / was soll / doch wenn the legend of the invisible city of kitezh  
6:43 PM john cage totem ancestor b. 1912  
6:39 PM christina and Michelle naughton nancarrow's sonatine for two hands    
6:31 PM pulse emitter forest planetary scale synth hypnosis  
6:27 PM teresa tanco-cordovez-de-herrera- three o'clock    
6:17 PM michel gonneville rainbow island    
6:01 PM bill bruford and ruud wiener go between new percussion group of amsterdam


Rodion Shchedrin and Masada and Chin

Horizons, with Tone.

6:41 PM unsuk chin double concerto for piano percussion and ensemble 2002    
6:27 PM masada ne'eman live in sevilla 2000  
6:00 PM rodion shchedrin notebook for the youth

zorn on the mind

Horizons, with Tone.

6:51 PM steve reich electric counterpoint different trains and electric counterpoint  
6:36 PM john zorn hadasha electric masada  
6:29 PM zevious plying the cold trade passing through the wall  
6:06 PM r carlos nakai native drumming two world concerto  
6:05 PM igor stravinsky fireworks


Cirque (Circus)

Horizons, with Tone.

6:46 PM ned bouhalassa constamment (autoportrait) aerosol  
6:37 PM jurica jelic seaside sketches distant memories  
6:00 PM michele bokanowski cirque (circus)


tale of the sea and haikai

Horizons, with Tone.

6:50 PM newband john cage's haikai for flute and zoomoozophone microtonal works  
6:39 PM kamran ince tale of the sea from remembering lycia fall of constantinople  
6:30 PM mirriam schroeder stockhausen - klavierstuck vii braxton and stockhausen  
6:22 PM lyubov bruk and mark taimanov milhaud - scaramouche suite great pianists of the 20th century  
6:15 PM kronos quartet with dawn upshaw largo desolato from alban berg's lyric suite alban berg lyric suite nonesuch
6:05 PM mirian conti joaquin turina's dances gitanes book one gypsy dances


The Light Of Day

Horizons, with tone.

6:49 PM lee perry intro and zion blood live at poisson rouge nyc 2013-05-30  
6:32 PM john rea kubla khan 1988 for chamber orchestra  
6:23 PM jakszyk, fripp and collins the light of day a scarcity of miracles  
6:12 PM matt davignon going under the 3am music ribosome music 2013
6:03 PM nils frahm an aborted beginning - says spaces erased tapes 2013


from Debussy to Ravel to Tavener?

Horizons, with tone. 6:45 PM john tavener the myrrh-bearer V and VI maxim rysanov viola  
6:20 PM Prague Chamber Orchestra - Nedda Casel mezzo-soprano Sheherazade Maurice Ravel  
6:05 PM new york philharmonic and leonard bernstein jeux debussy


transfigured night

Horizons, with tone.

6:38 PM yasukazu ameniya monochrome sea avant garde project 20 asian percussion  
6:10 PM arnold schoenberg verklarte nacht - transfigured night    
6:03 PM jakszyk, fripp, and collins a scarcity of miracles a scarcity of miracles



Gia Kancheli


Horizons with tone.

6:56 PM alexandre chorny megapolis    
6:39 PM kine meditation 1 meditations in april green alrealon music
6:34 PM gia kancheli, maxim rysanov viola styx 3 - tu aisi    
6:30 PM gia kancheli, maxim rysanov viola styx 2 - kari cris    
6:24 PM gia kancheli, maxim rysanov viola styx 1 - galoba angelozibis    
6:02 PM phil niblock and zwerm quitar quartet two lips touch five touch music


some Xenakis

Horizons, with tone. S
6:54 PM iannis xenakis polla ta dhina    
6:47 PM olekranon libertine danaus  
6:42 PM la monte young the second dream of the high tension line step-down transformer 1990 for 8 trumpets    
6:29 PM bang on a can 1-2 music for airports  
6:17 PM iannis xenakis st/10-1,080262    
6:06 PM evan ziporyn tire fire edit gamelan galak tika  
6:02 PM tangerine dream purple haze rockoon

The Well-Tuned Piano

I was reading a bit about Lou Reed this week which led me to the work of La Monte Young. this week we listen to an excerpt from The Well-tuned Piano


Horizons, with tone.

6:29 PM sergey prokofiev cantata for the 20th anniversary of october    
6:16 PM sergey prokofiev the ugly duckling    
6:01 PM sergey prokofiev four marches for brass band


Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days

"For those concerned: there is no guitar on this album."

The Saeta

i heard miles davis' "Saeta" today. that tune has always made a big impression on me.

i remembered it had something to do with singing from a balcony.

i had to look it up ->


"The Saeta is a revered Spanish religious song, whose form and style have evolved over many centuries."



"One of the reasons I believe in jazz is that the oneness of man can come through the rhythm of your heart.  It's the same anyplace in the world, that heartbeat. It's the first thing you hear when you're born -- or before you're born -- and it's the last thing you hear."

-- Dave Brubeck, RIP


encounters at the end of the world

Henry Kaiser did the music for this Werner Herzog film.


this week we heard "under the ice" and "over the ice"


for this week and next week

more from Einstein on the Beach in anticipation of the 1/20 show at Power Center -
hoping to have a live interview next week with mark Clague of UMS Renegade Michigan Series

i will have a ticket giveaway on 1/15

more from Khrennikov's Seven
"Now Always Snow" by Sofia Gubaidulina

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