I hate music!

Just kidding! I pretty much hate maintaining a blog. Who does that any more?

It is not that we are all too busy, it is that we are all totally preoccupied with electronics and social media so we think we're too busy for anything else. If I were a wacky conspiracy theorist I'd think it was all part of a plot to keep us placated so we don't notice all the outrageous shit going on around us. That's nothing new though. We're awfully fickle if you think of it that way I guess- religion, sex and TV aren't enough to keep us doped any more, so now we need fakebook, yootoob and listicles.

So anyway here's some shit I really dig right now:

  • Ice-T's "Final Level" podcast
  • METZ - boy, were they hot last Saturday night (4/18) at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan, which is incidentally possibly the best venue I've ever seen noisy, screamy live bands shred your eardrums while still sounding really good. Props to the people who set up the sound system, the acoustics, and the people who do the sound engineering there
  • Some of the stuff Thrill Jockey has been putting out recently, like Oozing Wound. Especially Oozing Wound. The new Lightning Bolt is pretty rad, too.
  • The new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. They still got it, baby. Playing this week (4/22) along with Bloodshot BILL!!!! AND Danny & the Darleans!!!!!!! At the Blind Pig, in Ann Arbor