In this world fun is where you find it.

And if it's murderously hot and a once-a-year festival has descended upon your town and everyone is united by a shared feeling of irritation and rage (not a bad way to be united frankly),

and if you are not only SINGLE but SINGLE with no PROSPECTS (the single-est of all ways to be single) and if you happen to have a large, painful under-the-skin zit on your forehead and if the other day at work you were surprised by a large cockroach and had to tag-team with a friend on killing it and then on scraping its body off the carpet (hi Cecilia, thanks for being the one who killed it),

then fun has really got to be where you find it.


The song: Hot Chip, "Always Been Your Love"; 2012

You ever have a memory and then think "oh yeah, I did used to be like that"? I remembered the other day that I used to be really into keeping abreast of what was coming out in music now, now, now. (Admittedly for a very limited definition of "music" -- mostly indie music of the sort that would now be called "dream pop".)

And then, I don't know what happened, I had a friend who loved Elton John and I saw Morrissey in concert and I got more into the idea of "good music that came out a while ago" than "good music that's coming out right now".

(Although I will say for the record that Morrissey doesn't reeeeeeeeeeally count as "good music that came out a while ago" because his new stuff is ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD GUYS please give it a chance okay glad I got that out.)

That was all fine and good, that "let's listen to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on cassette and pretend it's 1986" thing, but THEN some kinda bad stuff happened and I got really depressed for a while and I didn't really get un-depressed until oh, I don't know,

50 entries on In Bed With Amy Wilson ago.

So as I slowly peel away the layers of this onion that is the possibly life-long quest to become un-depressed, I suppose it makes sense that after the realization of "OH HEY I REALLY LIKE OLD POP MUSIC A LOT" that provided the momentum for this blog would come another one of "OH HEY I ALSO REALLY LIKE NEW POP MUSIC A LOT".

And so, this song, and the song I let speak for itself: Trails and Ways, "Nunca".

What I failed to mention about that song is that that voice belongs to my oldest friend, the friend about whom I would probably have the best chance of saying "I really KNOW that person, yep, I sure do know that person".

But as I realized when I visited this friend a few weeks ago, and saw him play with this awesome band that he is in, I don't feel like I could say this because -- and excuse me for how tired this sounds but that's BECAUSE IT'S TRUE -- there's always something more to discover.

(If I were Carrie Bradshaw, here's where I would pause contemplatively and sip from my enormous goblet of wine and write, "Could it be that life is more about the journey. . .than the destination?")

Fortunately I am not Carrie Bradshaw, and so I'll say this instead:

Once I read in a relatively dark mood something to this effect: "you could walk through the ocean of her soul and not even get your hems wet". And I thought to myself, darkly of course, well haHA no one could ever say that about me because the ocean of MY soul is filled with like those CRAZY fish. FISH WITH TEETH THAT STICK OUT LIKE THREE FEET AND A FLASHLIGHT ON A BOBBLY THING ON THEIR HEAD. That is the sort of fish that live in the ocean of my soul. WOE IS ME.

And, well, although I still sort of think those are predominantly the kind of fish that live in the ocean of my soul, at least there are FISH. Y'know?