I Know They Don't Sound The Way I Planned Them To Be: TK TK

A few months ago, around when I moved into my new place, I got on a real kick for self-improvement. Now I drink water with lemon in it (according to the highly reputable text Alkalize or Die! by Dr. Theodore Baroody, this is all I need to become immortal) and I try not to talk unless I have something interesting to say.

I am not sure how this is affecting me. But I do feel hydrated.


The song: When In Rome, "The Promise"; 1988

This is an excellent example of a "cheesy" song that nevertheless resonates with something very deep inside most people who consider themselves self-reflective (as I am sure all of you reading this do).

And this is just to say that there are interesting things TK on In Bed With Amy Wilson including:

- A guest post about the guilty pleasure song!
- That post about Frasier and Twin Peaks I promised!
- A seasonal post featuring the single most poignant Christmas song EVER! (It's not "River", but good guess.)

And to say thank you for reading my blog, which has never not felt like a meaningful endeavor to me even though by far the leading search term by which people find it is "John Oates Plastic Surgery".*



*The second most popular search term leading to my blog is "Daryl Hall Plastic Surgery".