Immediate Release: WCBN to Switch to Smooth Jazz/New Adult Contemporary Format

We know that our great listeners will stand by us during this transition.







For Immediate Release


Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan’s student & community radio station, WCBN, broadcasting at 88.3 FM and online at has announced today that it will be changing formats from freeform music to New Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz.

“We would be foolish to ignore market data,” said General Manager James Griffiths, “we’ve been exploring options for a long time, and it looks like this change is all for the better.”  

WCBN, long known for experimental and “difficult” programming, is not concerned that listenership will be affected.  “We had our greatest fundraiser in history this year, and with all that excitement, we thought now was the time for change,” Publicity Director Karl Seibert stated in a release.  

Smooth Jazz, also called New Adult Contemporary, is a form of music derived from jazz fusion, R&B, funk, and pop.  The radio format has proven successful across the country, and management at WCBN hope that Southeast Michigan will react positively to the switch.

With this change comes the introduction of several new practices.  DJ Michael Newmeyer said, “One thing I’m really excited for is a playlist;” - the current freeform radio format allows DJs to choose whichever songs they want - “it’s always a struggle to pick songs, and now I just have a list and I double click stuff.”  Which refers to another change to the WCBN station - exclusively digital music.  

“Vinyl takes up space, it smells bad, and the quality is terrible,” said DJ Rob Goldey, “Digital is so much easier.”  DJ Fiona Clowney said, “I can never find what I want in the stacks, records are old and hard to read, and it seems like most of them are by Frank Zappa.”

The station's staff are looking forward to the change and believe that the listeners will love it.  “We have some of the greatest listeners in the world; with the change, we’ll probably lose a lot of them, but we hope we get new greatest listeners in the world," said Griffiths.  For more information, contact our Publicity Director at

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