Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides (Babygrande, 2013)

Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides

Mostly instrumental hip-hop, but with sung vocals with ethereal vocal effects. Definitely has a repetitive highway-travel feel to it. After a short intro of a car revving up, “Antseed” starts things off with minimal beats and synths and kind of trippy textures. “Wounded Knee” has a bit of sung vocals, and trippy beats. “Rat Race” has more sung vocals, mostly just the title repeated. “Facing” has sparkly synth sounds. “Belong” has some more sung vocals, can’t really tell what they’re saying. “Pusher” has kind of spacey synths. “Through” is a little more downtempo, has a tiny bit of piano. “Long Way” has a slow tempo to the melody but a more uptempo broken-beat shuffle to the beats, and vocals singing the titular phrase in the background. “Tell-Lie-Vision” is slow-jammy and has some lazy, loungey, stargazey vocals. “Nova” is short but has a really cool choppy beat and lots of spacey echo on the vocals, and lyrics about exploding supernovas. “Who Knows” is over 5 minutes, has the “Synthetic Substitution” breakbeat, and has vocals that sort of gaze off into space. “Hishandsunderstand” is light and spacey. “I Can’t” is melancholy and has light guitars and has some minor sung vocals towards the end. “Cause & Creation” has more barely comprehensible sung vocals, but seems to be concerned about something. “Hurrywait” has a hard beat and kind of trippy synth sounds. “So much Pain” ends it with more kind of melancholy beats and a little piano and vocals. RIYL: Driving long distances at night, Adult Swim bumper music.