Klingklang is On The Air

In 1970 the first Kraftwerk album was released. To say they had a big influence on music would be an understatement. Welcome to an hour of the music of Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider and friends.

our study starts with Kraftwerk model One (before the moog synthesizer 1974) and then checks out some other bands from pre-1975, like Neu! and Cluster and Harmonia.

then we move on to when they really hit their stride, with 1974's Autobahn and more.

in August we are up to the early 80's, with the album Computerwelt (Computerworld). some say it is all downhill from here, but i disagree.


eleven - now it is the 80's

Computerwelt 1981 and Electric Cafe 1986. i think it would be fair to say that The Man Machine is better than Computer World. but the band is still selling out shows 32 years later. 

ten - the zenith of the Kraftwerk arc

some consider 1978 to be the best year. Neon Lights is my personal favorite.

nine - more big hits

1977's Trans-Europe Express and 1978's Die Mensch-Maschine bring the Kraftwerk sound to more and more people around the world.

eight - now with singing

in 1975 with the album Radioactivitat they really find their voice.

seven - the big change

now it is 1974 and Autobahn hits the public like a ton-o-bricks. it is everywhere on radio.

six - more Harmonia and then Eno

today we hear some from the 1975 album "Deluxe", the second album from

week five - Cluster and Harmonia

Michael Rother is the producer on this Cluster album by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and 

show number four - Neu!

Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother parted ways with Ralf and Florian after the first Kraftwerk album. this is their first album.

Klaus provided a drum rhythm unlike that of Kraftwerk - coined "Motorik".

third show - Ralf Und Florian

for the third show i present the third Kraftwerk album - "Ralf und Florian". this is the last album with acoustic instruments and studio techniques. Conny Plank is the producer/engineer.

Kraftwerk 2

Now it is 1972 and they have more to say in the same way. Rock instruments and repeating motifs.

first show

the first show starts with kraftwerk model one - before they got a synth. flute, guitar, organ, drums, and studio tools. and so begins an important branch on the tree of music.

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