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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 14 April 22 2012

Hour One
Hosted by file hosting. Download mp3 - Free File Hosting.Bloodrock - D.O.A. - Bloodrock 2
Smart Remarks - Reverse Velocity - Seriously Speaking...
Billy Bao - Untitled 3 - May08

Gary Numan - M.E. - The Pleasure Principle
Sandy Bull - No Deposit, No Return Blues - E Pluribus Unum
Richard Papiercuts - Johnnie - A Sudden Shift

Six Organs of Admittance - Black Needle Rhymes - Dust & Chimes
The Soft Boys - Do the Chisel - A Can of Bees

Hour Two
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Fearless Iranians From Hell - Die For Allah/Deathwish - Die For Allah
Sound Ceremony - Electric Brain - Sound Ceremony
Comus - The Prisoner - First Utterance
Crime - Hot Wire My Heart - Hot Wire My Heart 7"
Faust - It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl - So Far

Laughing Hyenas - Hitman - Life of Crime
The Electronic Hole - Love Will Find A Way Part II - The Electronic Hole
Tim Hecker - In the Fog I - Ravedeath, 1972
Mind Eraser - Chewed Up, Spit Out - Cave
Lydia Lunch - Knives in the Drain - Queen of Siam

Hour Three

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Supreme Dicks - The Fallout Song - The Unexamined Life
Circle X - Onward Christian Soldiers - Untitled

Slices - Horse Races - Still Cruising
Eddy Detroit and Sun City Girls - Shango - Eddy Detroit Meets The Sun City Girls 7"
Germs - Communist Eyes - G.I.
Frijid Pink - Tell Me Why - Frijid Pink
The Gordons - Machine Gun - Future Shock 12"
Exodus - A Lesson in Violence - Bonded By Blood

Tangerine Dream - Fly and Collision of The Comas Sola - Alpha Centauri
Half Japanese - Nicole Tole Me - Sing No Evil
Rudimentary Peni - Zenophobia - Cacophony 

La Peste - Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonight - La Peste