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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 18 May 20 2012

Hour One

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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (Live at Olympia Theatre in Paris, France December 19 1970) - Past Lives *Request

Spacin' - Empty Mind - Deep Thuds
Peter Grudzien - Dark as a Dungeon - The Garden of Love
Buzz - Berlin - See You Sioux
The Velvet Underground - New Age (Live at The Matrix, San Fransisco November 24, 1969) - The Quine Tapes *Request

Folded Shirt - Mouth Clock - Tiny Boat b/w Mouth Clock 7"
The Guns - I'm Not Right/Locked Inside - The New Hope Compilation
Titmachine - We Build a New City - We Build a New City b/w 1989 7"
RSO - Wonder Why - Row
November - Ta Ett Steg I Sagans Land - En Ny Tid är Här

Hour Two

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Jailbreak - Sugar Blues(excerpt) - The Rocker

Key & Cleary - I'm a Man - Personal Space: Electronic Soul 1974-1984
Teddy & the Frat Girls/Sheer Smegma - I Wanna Be a Man - I Wanna Be a Man 12"
Mayyors - White Jeep - Mean's LOLZ 7"
Waylon Jennings - Sunday Morning Coming Down - The Taker/Tulsa
Black Bananas - Nightwalker - Rad Times Xpress IV

White Load - Funny - Waynes World III b/w Godfather IV
Jame's Arthur's Manhunt - My God #4 - Jame's Arthur's Manhunt
Brown Sugar - Einstein/Sweet Water-Pink Boat - Tropical Disease 7"
Mclusky - No Covers - Light Sabre Cocksucking Blues 7"
Clark-Hutchinson - Free to Be Stoned - Retribution

GG Allin - Don't Talk to Me - Public Animal #1 *Request