Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 38 October 21 2012


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The Litter - Blue Ice - Emerge (Lilith)

Total Control - Scene From a Marriage - Scene From a Marriage 7" (Sub Pop)
Bo Hansson - The Black Riders/Flight to the Ford - Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings (Buddah)
Blank Realm - Crystal Ball - Deja What? (Bedroom Suck)
Flipper - I Saw You Shine - Generic (Subterranean)
G.Green - Funny Insurance - Funny Insurance b/w Sounds Famous (12XU)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Avant Apres Mars - Liaisons Dangereuses (Hit Thing)

E.T. Habit - Starside Devastation - Venomous 7" (Hozac)
The Shocking Blue - Poor Boy - The Shocking Blue (Colossus)
Salvation - The Tethered Man - House of the Beating Hell E.P. (Youth Attack)
Jet - My River - Jet (CBS)
Swans - Avatar - The Seer (Young God)
Y.D.I. - Out For Blood - Out For Blood (Parts Unknown)

Hour Two
Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting.

Useless Children - Walk Away - Post Ending//Pre Completion (Iron Lung)
Mayhem - Buried by Time and Dust - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Deathlike Silence)
Christina Carter - Going Down - Living Contact (Kranky)
Purling Hiss - Whipple Dam - Hissteria (Richie)
Rasberries - All Through the Night - Starting Over (Capitol)

White Walls - It Never Rolls Right Off - The Future is Wide Open (Iron Lung)
Public Nuisance - Holy Man - Gotta Survive (Frantic)
UT - Mosquito Botticelli - In Gut's House (Blast First)
Ted Lucas - I'll Find A Way to Carry it All - Ted Lucas (Sebastian Speaks)
Altered States of the United Snakes - Foolish Pride - Pagan Tiger Swing Band (Lost Treasures of the Underworld)
Cerebrum - One Kind Favor - Eagle Death (Shaddocks)

The Insults - Stiff Love - Bloodstains Across California (Bloodstains)