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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 43 November 25 2012

"Style is everything. Style is not to be confused with class...

...Punk Rock, New Wave, Reggae, Rastafari, hair cuts– are all different kinds of styles. None of them, however, have any class. I've got class."

-David Lee Roth, Van Halen

 Artist - Song - Album

Hour One
Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting. The Other Half - Mr. Pharmacist - The Other Half (1968/2012) Pilot
Terminal Wasteband - Yom Kippur War - Dial M For Monkeys b/w Yom Kippur War 7" (2008) Black Velvet Fuckere Recordings
Crime + The City Solution  - Six Bells Chime - Room of Lights (1986) Mute
Emeralds - Everything is Inverted - Just Feel Anything (2012) Editions Mego
Yadokai - To a Flame - Yadokai 7" (2012) Video Disease
Total Control - Contract - Scene From a Marriage 7" (2012) Sub Pop

Tyvek - Wayne County Roads - On Triple Beams (2012) In the Red
NON/Boyd Rice - Back to Mono (2012) Mute
Sky Saxon Blues Band - Buzzin' Around - A Full Spoon of Seedy Blues (1967) GNP Crescendo
Andrzej Korzynksi - Saved From Oblivion - Tajemnica Enigmy (Secret Enigma 1968-1981) (2012) Finders Keepers
Venom - In Nomine Satanas - Bloodlust 7" (1982) Neat
The Max Block - Dark Continent - Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech (1987/2012) Siltbreeze
Möl Triffid - I, Caligula - Media Clowns b/w I, Caligula 7" (1991) Icon

Hour Two

Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting.Failing Lights - Becoming Uniform - Afternoon Summer Sex (2012) Holidays
Scott Walker - Tar - Bisch Bosch (2012) 4AD
Pink Reason - Ache For You - Ache For You b/w Darken Daze (2012) Savage Quality
1981 interview with David Lee Roth on Entertainment Tonight
 Van Halen - On Fire - Van Halen (1978) Warner Bros
Confines - Some Sick Joke - Some Sick Joke 7" (2012) Side Two/Labor of Love

Six Organs of Admittance - Waswasa - Ascent (2012) Drag City
Deep Wound - Time to Stand - VA: Bands That Could Be God: The Conflict Compilation (1984) Radiobeat/Conflict
Sternklang - Electrostatic Discharge Conductance (Part 1) - I (1995) New World of Sound
Scott and Charlene's Wedding - Footscray Station - Para Vista Social Club (2012) Critical Heights

The Creation - Try and Stop Me - How Does It Feel To Feel (1967/1982) Edsel