Mar 08 2012

“Dance me to the dark side of the gym.  I’ll let you do most anything.”

3am - 4am

4am - 5am

5am - 6am


John Tavener - Sanctum
Melt-Banana - Free the Bee
Every Mother’s Son - Come on Down to My Boat
Dump - Outer Spaceways Inc.
Tonetta - Toronto is Starting to Stink
King Krule - Bleak Bake
Daniel Johnston - Held the Hand
Gyorgy Ligeti - Jupiter and Beyond
Joe - Level Crossing
Matthew Sweeney and Bonnie “Prince” Billy - Beast for Thee
Kool Keith - Sex Style
Sparks - Angst in My Pants
Hang on the Box - There is a City
Brian Eno - St. Elmo’s Fire
??? - Timesteps (from A Clockwork Orange)
Ramadanman & Midland - More Than You Know 


John Tavener - The Whale
Melt-Banana - Flash Cube, or Eyeball
Julio Bashmore - The Horn that Time Forgot
Die Antwoord - I Don’t Need You
Theme from Twin Peaks
Nico - Konig
Picky Picnic - Got Out Lullaby
Daniel Johnston - Some Things Last a Long Time
Psychic Ills - I Take You Again as My Wife
Evan Gough - OMG I Can’t Wait
Melt-Banana - Lost in Mirror


The Greatest Hits - Catfish
Nick Lowe - Mary Provost
Lil’ Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus Remix)
Doc Watson - Sittin’ on Top of the World
Girls - Hellhole Ratrace
Yo La Tengo - Cherry Chapstick
Melt-Banana - First Contact with Plant Q + Back Spin
Dominique Young Unique - Pussy Popping
G-Side - My Aura
Eat Skull - Dawn in the Face
The Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer
Leonard Cohen - Memories
The Field - Is This Power?