My first day at WCBN

Diligent listeners!

Wow, was it quiet in those 12am-6am time slots. Sure I got some phone calls, some requests, some instant messages. But mostly, I got to hone my freeform skills and meditate on music like a monk in a monastery.

Daytime is a different beast. A beast with more heads, more phone calls, more people wandering in with questions, like ‘Am I in the right place…?’ I helped T Hetzel find music for her Living Writers guest. I helped Stephen find the Sports Show crew so he could get involved. All while keeping the Evil Doctor Dead Air at bay.

I look forward to bringing all of you the diverse sounds of freeform as well as some scintillating soundscapes during the MULTIBALL section of the show every Tuesday from 3pm to 5:30pm during Bleached Meat.

Thanks to Kristin All Rums and Reverend Andrew for supporting me over the ol’ AOL Instant Messanger.