Pan African Heartbeat 9/30/12

Hello again lovely readers! I do not have my own radio show this semester, unfortunately. My schedule was not open enough to fit one in. However, I did sign up for a few shows that have rotating hosts! So you can hear my on the radio at least a few times this semester. So here’s my first one: an episode of Pan African Heartbeat. It was definitely a change from the 3 hour shows that I’m used to, plus I hadn’t been in the station in several weeks! So there were a couple stumbling over words spots and such, but overall it went pretty well and I got to explore the African music section at the station. Enjoy!


8:55 PM, Chris Berry, Kusiana Ganda, Marimba Ava Murewa
8:54 PM, Issa Bagayogo, Koroto, Tassoumakan
8:51 PM, Cesaria Evora, Petit Pays (Château flight remix), Club Sodade
8:40 PM, Angelique Kidjo, Agolo, Aye
8:31 PM, Baaba Maal, Television, Television
8:22 PM, Jean-Papy Ramazani, Elembetele Lala, Kekele_Rumba Congo
8:18 PM, Juma Nature featuring Professor Jay, Umoja Wa Tanzania, Bongo Flava: Swahili Rap from Tanzania
8:14 PM, Mamo Lagbema, Love, Music and Dance, Bambara Mystic Soul-The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso
8:06 PM, Lobi Traore, Maby Djoudon Don, In Griot Time
8:01 PM, Sissoko Segal, Chamber Music, Chamber Music