potentials & probabilities{edited

potentials & probabilities{edited afterwards to reflect actualities}
Face the Music             WCBN FM                   January 3rd2013
Shimmy-Jazzcomposed by Erwin Schulhoff in 1922published in 1925played by pianist Sherri Jones
Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusikby W.A. Mozartplayed on the xylophone by Yoichi Hiraoka, 1940
Sundaywritten by Jule Stynesung by the Keller Sisters & Lynchwith Bix Beiderbecke & Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra 1926
Apple SauceOriginal Capitol Orchestra recorded in Britain, 1923
Crazy BluesEubie Blakeplayer piano roll
Stack O’Lee BluesThe Washingtonians 1928
Parkway StompPunch Miller withAl Wynn & his Gutbucket Five 1928
Bolden StyleBunk Johnson talking & whistling, 1942
Six String Banjo PieceSylvester Weaver 1927
I’m Sorry, I Ain’t Got ItBert Williams 1919
Low Down BluesWhistler & his Jug Band 1927
Cow Cow BluesCharlie Segar “Keyboard Wizard Supreme” 1935
19 Ways of Playing a ChorusMeade Lux Lewis harpsichord solo 1941
Chant in the NightSidney Bechet & his Orchestra 1938
Easy Rider James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen 1944
Forget ItGene Sedric & his Honey Bears 1946
Skater's WaltzRoland Kirk with Jack McDuff 1961