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Priscila Flores reviews Kali Uchis: Sin Miedo

Kali Uchis: Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios)


After releasing a brief EP in April, Colombian American artist Kali Uchis welcomes the end of 2020 with the release of her second studio album, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios), translating to Without Fear (of Love and Other Demons). Unlike her previous projects dominated by tracks in English, Uchis sings her second album almost entirely in Spanish with most songs elegantly combining the two languages. After a few listens, I’ve found this to be the Spanglish album of my bilingual dreams.


From the start, Uchis establishes her second full-length album as an introspective journey filled with vocals dripping of rich Colombian coffee. Sin Miedo opens up with “la luna enamorada”, a passionate rendition of a popular Cuban song in the 1960s that introduces the album by absorbing the listener into the night sky as it rains pink stars. Like this introductory track, Sin Miedo explores Uchis’s experiences and perceptions of love through an honest lens. 


Uchis confidently recognizes her value as an individual, not as determined by her romantic endeavors. Through the energetic, hip-hop influenced song “¡aquí yo mando!”, Uchis exudes this newfound confidence while establishing her dominance in any relationship. This track also features rapper Rico Nasty whose assertive vocals mirror the dominant attitudes these women demonstrate. Within the sensual track “aguardiente y limón”, Uchis holds onto this confidence with the recognition that her displays of passion are irresistible and her partners are lucky to indulge in her sweetness. 

As Sin Miedo progresses, the influence of new age reggaeton becomes increasingly prevalent. Uchis uniquely combines this popular genre with her soulful style in “no eres tu(soy yo)”. The songs “te pongo mal(préndelo)” and “la luz(Fin)” more closely resemble the typical reggaeton sound, ending the album on a dance-worthy high note. 


The listening experience of this album almost felt like Uchis took the plot of a telenovela and transcribed it in the form of a soundtrack. Yet, it also makes me feel like I’m floating in a sea of cosmic glitter. 


Top 5 tracks: 

la luna enamorada

aquardiente y limón

¡aquí yo mando!

quiero sentirme bien



~Priscila Flores~


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