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Mysterious Thai pop singer*


[artist: song, album (label)]
Caethua: The Smell of June, The Summer is Over Before its Begun (water wing)
Emaciator: Premonition, Coveting (not not fun)
Benge: 1975 Moog Polymoog, Twenty Systems (expanding records)
Clark: Ghosted, Iradelphic (warp)
Agaliag Amoumine: Adernisbah, Takamba (sahel sounds)
Umberto: Black Candles, Prophecy of the Black Widow (not not fun)
The Rebel: Christmas Every Day, The Incredible Hulk (junior aspirin)
???* [found in 'CBN's vast vinyl holdings. Anyone know Thai?]
Best Coast: Up All Night, The Only Place (mexican summer)
Jeff Mills: The Diagnosis, The Power (axis)
Benge: 1978 Roland 100m, Systems (expanding records)
Angela Valid: The Wet Canvas Technique, S/T (world in winter)
V/A (Dangdut): Hai Cium Dong, Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (mississippi)
Lower Dens: Lion in Winter Pt. 2, Nootropics (ribbon)
Hoop Dreams: Dark Summer (dymaxion groove)
Cedric Stevens: Saccharin, Mr. Dowland!, The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (discrepant)
Melted Cassettes: Shining Figures, The Real Sounds from Hell Recordings (mind flare media)
Demdike Stare: erosion of Mediocrity, Elemental (modern love)
Battles: Sundome (eye remix), Dross Glop (warp)
Scavenger Quartet: The Phrygian Cap, Hats (acidsoxx)