Rebel Kind: Laurel Canyon 1-sided LP (Life Like, 2013)

Rebel Kind: Laurel Canyon

Autumn Wetli is in Bad Indians, and her songs tend to be my favorite by that band, so it’s nice to hear her branch out and do a solo project. Recently Rebel Kind has actually been playing as a group featuring members of Swimsuit, but mostly it’s just her solo, and this 1-sided LP just features her singing and playing acoustic guitar, double tracking her voice and using a little reverb, but not overdoing it (not that I can ever get enough reverb). There’s some tambourine, and even an extra electric guitar (distorted on “Mother Nature”, cleaner and kinda twangy on the last 3 songs and bass drum on “Run”, and some delay effects on opener “Wish I Had A Home”, but it’s mostly pretty straightforward otherwise, letting the songs do their thing. Sort of reminds me of the more singer-songwriter end of ’90s indie-pop (Lois Maffeo, Rose Melberg) with a slight bit of a country flavor to it, especially the last few tracks. “Mother Nature” reminds me a little of Kurt Vile (mostly in the way she sings), and I guess there’s a little Mazzy Star in there overall too. “Moonlight” ends with spoken words from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley called “To The Moon”. You can listen to the entire album on Bandcamp and purchase the album over at Life Like (and there’s also a cassette version with bonus tracks).