Ruxpin: This Time We Go Together (n5MD, 2013)

Ruxpin: This Time We Go Together

8th full length album (including a remix LP) from Icelandic downtempo ambient IDM artist Ruxpin. Inevitably, reviewing something like around the release of a new, return-to-form Boards Of Canada album, there’s bound to be some comparisons. Well, this one, as can be deduced by the sentence-heavy song titles, is a lot more literal and straightforward, as opposed to cryptic and mysterious. The melodies are clear instead of hazy, the tempos are a little bit more up, and there’s some actual vocals instead of obscured snippets. The female vocalist on several tracks sounds a hell of a lot like Bjork. Inevitable comparison for an Icelandic artist, but so it goes. “As We Exhale, We Enter” definitely gives you that pastoral BoC feeling more than anything else on the album, but with some lovely occasional drift-off vocals, and a few bursts of distorted synth. “Cloud In My Spacesuit” starts vaguely chiptuney at the beginning, and gets pretty scrambled/cutup towards the end. “Where Do We Float From Here?” has really active skittery beats and has a few points where the beat slows down a bit. “With Our Hands We Form Contact” has a bit more of a danceable beat and autotuned Japanese vocals. “We Have Come To Our End” fittingly serves as an epic, dramatic climax with operatic vocals and soft yet intense skittering beats, and then “This Place Was Ours To Begin With” is a short ambient epilogue, bringing our journey to an end.