She Said Just Be Nice To The Gentlemen, Fancy, They'll Be Nice To You: Story Songs!

In continuing my recent efforts to turn outward, I have found myself attracted to the Story Song.

(you know, those with a defined setting and characters and a plot arc and [usually] an AWESOME narrator)

Here are two that satisfy these requirements in spades, particularly the AWESOME NARRATOR part.

sing along, pump your fist, rejoice at the triumphs of Patches and Fancy, forget your troubles in theirs

The song: Clarence Carter, "Patches"; 1970

The song: Reba McEntire, "Fancy"; 1990 (or listen to the 1969 Bobbie Gentry [also very good, a little lounge-ier, a little less heart-wrenching] original)

There are very few ills that that chk-chk-chk in "Patches", or Reba McEntire punching the line I may have been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my NAME, can't cure.