Shingles/Josh Millrod: Mugen Volume 4 split tape (Hausu Mountain, 2013)

Shingles/Josh Millrod: Mugen Volume 4 split tape

I love pretty much anything with an Electric Valve Instrument, so that’s all that matters for me to get into the Shingles project of Jesse DeRosa (Grasshopper, Hex Breaker Quartet/Quintet, Baked Tapes). It’s all EVI and a looper, and it’s all sweet, warm drones, with lots of texture and melody and range. “Sunken City” is a bit more sunrise-y, “Chromium” is maybe more starry and sparkly. Josh Millrod (also of Grasshopper and Hex Breaker) takes up his entire side with his piece “We Sorcerize”, and it’s a bit deeper and harsher, with a hazy, buzzing trumpet sound swooping throughout, piling on more layers and distortion until it’s just a blanket of noise. But you can still hear the trumpet playing, it just becomes this mutant trumpet that’s mega-distorted. Best of all, these were all recorded live at a place called Greenpoint Bed and Breakfast and Pizzeria. The tape’s still available, but you can grab the music on Bandcamp.