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Slow Pulp: Moveys (album review by Victoria A.)

This is a wildly biased review, because I'm friends with the boys in the band. They generously let me crash on their couch for way too long even though it was inconvenient, because they were recording a pre-Slow Pulp album in their closet lined with mattresses. They listened to nothing but Tame Impala on repeat which started to drive me insane. I tried very hard to get them to eat vegetables. They are nice, and you should listen to their band. 2020's Moveys is situated firmly in post-punk, with a lot in common with the wave of other female-led shoegazy bands right now: Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Big Thief, etc. I think I still hear those Tame Impala days in the rollicking riffs and funky flourishes on the more energetic tracks. There has never been a better time for thoughtful, bingeable, melancholy rock. It flirts with hopelessness in a way that reflects our current pandemic situation. Give it a listen!

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