The Sounds of the City, Baby, Seem To Disappear: Roots

It makes me respect somebody to learn they love the music of what we call "girl groups".

In fact it is truly one of my favorite things about The Beatles that they loved girl groups and covered many of their songs in their early career. Many well-regarded (male) artists owe a lot to the girl group sound and I like it when they acknowledge that. The subject of these songs is nearly always love and marriage, fluffy and sweet, but they also nearly always have a yearning quality that makes for just a devastating combination.

And when a male group brings their own full force to bear on one of these songs, the result is also magical!

This is a great example of that alchemy:

The song: The Beach Boys, "I Can Hear Music"; 1969 (originally recorded by The Ronettes, 1966)

In fact I'd even say The Beach Boys made it a better song. Either way it's just a pure slice of sweetness, and the extra light in the day is making me long for things like this.