Super Awesome Music Times 5/21/13

This week I pretty much stuck to artists that I know pretty well, but haven’t necessarily listened to in a while. I also explored some songs that were unfamiliar to me from artists I am somewhat familiar with, like Mirah. I stayed a bit late during this show because the next DJ didn’t show up (he didn’t realize that he was put on the summer schedule! Oops!) so I played a good chunk of an Alice in Wonderland album which is super creepy! A good show I thought overall; I had fun! Tune in tomorrow for a special episode: Tom Waits!! Should be awesoooooome!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


3:32 PM, Randy Greif, Who Am I, Then?, Alice in Wonderland 1,
3:23 PM, David Bowie, Oh You Pretty Things, Hunky Dory,
3:20 PM, David Bowie (request), Golden Years, Station to Station,
3:13 PM, Randy Greif, She Looked Down at her Feet, Alice in Wonderland 1,
3:11 PM, Randy Greif, Curiouser and Curiouser, Alice in Wonderland 1,
3:10 PM, Randy Greif, Down, Alice in Wonderland 1,
Freeform, with Mary., 2:58 PM, Randy Greif, The Rabbit Hole, Alice in Wonderland 1,
2:52 PM, Supertramp, Babaji, Even in the Quietest Moments…,
2:47 PM, Renaissance, Spare Some Love, Prologue,
2:42 PM, The Strokes, What Ever Happened?, Room on Fire,
2:39 PM, Of Montreal, Hydra Fancies, False Priest,
2:34 PM, Sufjan Stevens, Get Real Get Right, The Age of Adz,
2:28 PM, Spoon, Is Love Forever?, Transference,
2:23 PM, The Chemical Brothers, The Salmon Dance (request), ,
2:20 PM, Stepdad, Will I Ever Dance Again, Wildlife Pop
2:16 PM, Grizzly Bear, About Face, Veckatimest,
2:14 PM, Holly Braly, Mother Lagoon, Science and the Sea Volume 1,
2:08 PM, Belaboris, Baby Pop, Once Upon a Time,
2:04 PM, Modest Mouse, The Good Times are Killing Me, Good News for People who Love Bad News,
2:02 PM, Mirah, The Place, The Old Days Feeling,
1:57 PM, The New Pornographers, From Blown Speakers, Electric Version,
1:55 PM, Supergrass, Coffee in the Pot, Road to Rouen,
1:54 PM, Supergrass, Sad Girl, Road to Rouen,
1:48 PM, The Doors, Soul Kitchen, The Doors,
1:42 PM, M. Ward, Color of Water, End of Amnesia,
1:37 PM, The Rolling Stones, Gimmie Shelter, Let it Bleed,
1:33 PM, Nico, The Fairest of the Seasons, Chelsea Girl,
1:25 PM, Blondie, Rapture, Autoamerican,
1:21 PM, Blonde Redhead, SW, 23,
1:17 PM, Sparks, Beat the Clock, Profile: the Ultimate Sparks Collection,
1:16 PM, The Blow, Parentheses, Paper Television,
1:09 PM, Artic Monkeys, Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured, Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I Am,
1:05 PM, Wolfmother, Dimension, Wolfmother,
1:02 PM, Rodriguez, Crucify Your Mind, Cold Fact