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Transformations 2/27/13 (Beatle Mania!!) and 3/13/13 and Radiozilla 2/24/13

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I apologize for that! But, the upside to that is now I have, not one, but THREE shows for your listening pleasure! Two episodes of Transformations and one episode of Radiozilla (an East Asia show).

On February 27th I had the entire three hour show and I took the opportunity to do an entire episode dedicated to The Beatles! I played Beatles music, Beatles covers, originals of songs that The Beatles covered, etc. It was really fun and I got several callers who seemed to really enjoy it. I wasn’t able to play exactly everything I wanted to because I ran out of time, but I think I played a good selection of Beatles-ness.

On March 13th I did just another freeform show. It was a really fun show for me. I played a lot of music that I know and love and I explored some music from people I know, but I hadn’t listened to yet.

Radiozilla was a fun experience. It was interesting to hear some music that is completely different from what I usually listen to.

So, I hope you enjoy listening to these shows as much as I enjoyed making them!

2/24/13 Radiozilla:


2:57 PM, Shu-De, Durgen Chugaa, Voices From the Distant Steppe,
2:54 PM, , Nakairiraigyo, Japanese Noh Music, The Kyoto Nohgaku Kai,
2:50 PM, Jigme Drukpa, Ling Sho La, The Rough Guide to the Music of the Himalayas,
2:45 PM, Huun-Huur-Tu, Sygyt: “Lament of the Igil”, 60 Horses in My Heard,
2:42 PM, Choying Drolma and Steve Tibbetts, Palden Rangjung, Selwa,
2:38 PM, Wu Man and Master Musicians from the Silk Route, Ademler Ulugh, Boderlands Music of central Asia Vol. 10,
2:34 PM, Pui-Yuen Lui, Shi mian mai fu, Music of the Pipa,
2:29 PM, P’Ansori, Haegeum Shinawi, Korea’s Epic Vocal Art and Instrumental Music,
2:25 PM, Kodo, Psychopomp, Mondo Head,
2:22 PM, Various, Khoomii, Mongolie,
2:22 PM, Various, Khoomii, Mongolie,
2:18 PM, Various, Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees, Music, Man and Nature, Wind’s 10th Anniversary
2:05 PM, Various, Zikr, The Silk Road a Musical (Disk 2),
2:03 PM, Various, Ufar-e Bayat, The Silk Road a Musical (Disk 1)

2/27/13 Transformations (Beatles!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


1:59 PM, The Beatles, Birthday, The White Album,
1:56 PM, Eric Clapton, Beware of Darkness, Concert for George,
1:49 PM, Fiona Apple, Across the Universe, The Pleasantville Soundtrack,
1:48 PM, The Beatles, Maggie Mae, Let it Be,
1:43 PM, The Beatles, Let It Be, Let It Be
1:38 PM, Yoko Ono, Why (request), Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band,
1:35 PM, Supertramp, Oh Darling, Breakfast in America,
1:26 PM, The Beatles, Oh! Darling, Abbey Road,
1:23 PM, The Beatles, Hey Bulldog, Yellow Submarine,
1:20 PM, Paul McCartney, Flaming Pie, Flaming Pie,
1:19 PM, Yoko Ono, Give Me Something, Double Fantasy,
1:13 PM, George Harrison, Apple Scruffs, All Things Must Pass,
1:09 PM, The Beatles, Savory Truffle, The White Album,
1:06 PM, The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever, Magical Mystery Tour,
1:00 PM, Ringo Starr, Cookin (In the Kitchen of Love), Starr Struck,
12:57 PM, Paul McCartney, Every Night, McCartney,
12:53 PM, John Lennon, Watching the Wheels, Double Fantasy,
12:49 PM, George Harrison, If That’s What it Takes, Cloud 9,
12:44 PM, Steve Martin, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack,
12:41 PM, William Shatner, Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, ,
12:38 PM, The Beatles, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,
12:32 PM, The Beatles, Get Back (request), Let it Be,
12:29 PM, The Beach Boys, California Girls, Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!),
12:27 PM, Chuck Berry, Back in the USA, The Great Twenty-Eight,
12:23 PM, The Beatles, Back in the U.S.S.R (request), The White Album,
12:20 PM, The Black Keys, She Said She Said, The Big Come Up,
12:18 PM, The Beatles, She Said She Said, Rubber Soul,
12:12 PM, Bobby McFerrin, Blackbird (request), ,
12:10 PM, The Replacements, Mr. Whirly (request), Hootenanny,
12:07 PM, John Oswald (request), Way, Plunderphonics,
12:02 PM, Paul McCartney, Monkberry Moon Delight, Ram,
11:57 AM, Jim Sturgess, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Across the Universe Soundtrack,
11:55 AM, The Beatles, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Rubber Soul,
11:55 AM, The Beatles, You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, Help!,
11:48 AM, , Twisted Shout, Beatles Mutation
11:42 AM, The Beatles, Tell Me Why, A Hard Day’s Night,
11:39 AM, Grazyna, When I’m 64, The Beatles Nova,
11:35 AM, , Come Together, Brazil and Beyond Beatles,
11:28 AM, Chuck Berry, Roll Over Beethoven, The Great Twenty-Eight,
11:25 AM, The Beatles, Roll Over Beethoven, The Beatles Second Album,
11:24 AM, The Marvelettes, Please Mr. Postman, Please Mr. Postman,
11:20 AM, The Beatles, Please Mister Postman, With the Beatles,
11:15 AM, Oingo Boingo, I Am The Walrus (request), Farewell: Live from Universal Amphitheatere,
11:10 AM, Stevie Wonder, We Can Work it Out, Signed Sealed Delivered,
11:08 AM, The Beatles, Anna, Please Please Me,
11:08 AM, The Beatles, Flying, Magical Mystery Tour

3/13/13 Transformations:


1:58 PM, The Shins, Know Your Onion!, Oh Inverted World,
1:54 PM, Bjork, I Miss You, Post-War,
1:51 PM, Tom Waits, God’s Away on Business, Blood Money,
1:43 PM, Jenny Lewis, Jack Killed Mom, Acid Tongue,
1:38 PM, The Pointer Sisters, Rocks in My Bead, Retrospect,
1:36 PM, Holly Braly, Renewable Resources, Science and the Sea Vol. 1,
1:28 PM, Rilo Kiley, Bulletproof, Take Offs and Landings,
1:25 PM, M. Ward, Right in the Head, Post-War,
1:19 PM, Joan Osborne, St. Teresa, Relish,
1:14 PM, Tom Waits, Kommienezuspadt, Alice,
1:10 PM, Yes, Five Per Cent For Nothing, Fragile,
1:03 PM, The Doors, Riders On the Storm, L.A. Woman,
12:53 PM, Bjork, Mutual Core, Bastards
12:49 PM, Dorothee, Bom Bom Bom, Dorothee,
12:47 PM, Van Morrison and the Chieftains, Star of the County Down, Irish Heartbeat,
12:42 PM, Weird Al Yankovic, Jurassic Park, Alapalooza,
12:34 PM, Richard Harris, McArthur Park (dedicated to my Dad. You’re welcome ;) ), ,
12:31 PM, The New Pornographers, The Laws Have Changed, Electric Version