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Transformations 4/3/13

I’m posting this one extremely on time this week! Yay! So I did another freeform show today for Transformations. I had a fun time with it and a lot of the show had similar types of songs, which I just happened upon doing, which is kind of cool. The first few songs I picked out weren’t too great, but I tried something new so that’s good. And before my part of the show I also included the last song that Pratt played, because I thought it was a fun song. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


1:57 PM, Sufjan Stevens, The Dress Looks Nice On You, Seven Swans,
1:54 PM, The Kinks, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Hit Singles,
1:49 PM, George Harrison, When We Was Fab, Cloud 9,
1:47 PM, The Traveling Wilburys, Tweeter and the Monkey Man, Volume 1 
1:45 PM, Bob Dylan, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Bringing it All Back Home,
1:29 PM, Holly Brady, Water World, Science and the Sea,
1:27 PM, Van Morrison, It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, The Best of Van Morrison Volume 2,
1:18 PM, Belle and Sebastian, It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career, The Boy With the Arab Strap,
1:15 PM, The Black Keys, Strange Times, Attack and Release,
1:11 PM, Happy New Year, Movies, Happy New Year,
1:11 PM, Happy New Year, Movies, Happy New Year,
1:05 PM, The Dismemberment Plan, The Face of the Earth (request), Change,
1:00 PM, Bjork, Pagan Poetry, Vespertine,
12:56 PM, Eden Ahbez, Full Moon, Eden’s Island,
12:51 PM, Beirut, Santa Fe, The Riptide,
12:47 PM, Trampled By Turtles, Wait So Long (request), Palomino,
12:43 PM, Kakhidze, Deli-Deli-Deliya, Noet Cembr Kakhidze,
12:39 PM, Gardens, The Onion Peels of Honest John, 7” 45rpm,
12:38 PM, Brunch, Anchored, s/t 7” EP,
12:34 PM, Sweet Talk, Put Your Right Back, Pickup Lines,