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Must Be The Clouds In My Eyes: What They Left Behind

One of the most wonderful and also difficult things about music is how closely it can be associated with certain people, times, and places.

But You Were Up To Your Old Tricks In Chapters Four Five and Six: Narrative Urges

I started my blog with a Grocery Store Song.

This is another, of a slightly different genre: perhaps I could call it the Department Store Song.

When It Comes To Being Lucky She's Cursed: Version V. Version


Version v. Version (v. Version v. Version) RETURNS with a track that -- just like "The Tracks Of My Tears" -- is just, essentially, such an amazingly good song that it can sustain the interpretations of many different artists.

When It Comes Down To It It's All Just Game: "In My Head"

When I tell this story I never feel that people believe me, but deep down inside I really think this actually happened:

When I was in third grade, I had this grand epiphany that writers could just SAY THINGS. And that writing could be just that, the art of just saying things. "She had green eyes." Etc.

There's Only One Way Up, So Your Heart's Gotta Go There: For the Love of Cher

What is art?

Who knows!

But here's what I think:

It's what is beautiful and meaningful and universal and yet also very specific.


Never Understood A Single Word He Said But I Helped Him Drink His Wine: A Song for When

you find yourself on an inner tube on a series of man-made cascades and you have flipped over several times and lost and found the same helpful stick several times and you are paddling furiously to put yourself back in the current but not moving a single inch and you have just seen a dog in a shirt in a kayak and you just feel the urge to just open your mouth and just SING wha

Gotta Slow It Down Baby Gotta Have Some Fun: You Only Live Once

Since everyone (including myself) seems to be interested in songs that remind us to Do Crazy Things because Who Knows What Could Happen (this one is probably my personal favorite of the genre, because the image of grabbing somebody sexy and telling them 'hey!' never fails to produce a quiet internal chuckle, which is a pleasant feeling)

She Said Just Be Nice To The Gentlemen, Fancy, They'll Be Nice To You: Story Songs!

In continuing my recent efforts to turn outward, I have found myself attracted to the Story Song.

(you know, those with a defined setting and characters and a plot arc and [usually] an AWESOME narrator)

It's Always Been the Same, Same Old Story: To the Revolution!

(Given the subject matter of this song and given that my parents just left from a weekend visit to my town, this might be taken as some kind of commentary on our relationship. But FEAR NOT, PARENTS. It is not.)

Here's why my parents shouldn't worry: I like this song because it doesn't reflect on my life in the slightest.

You Cry And Moan And Say It Will Work Out But Honey Child I've Got My Doubts: Sentimental Reminiscence

I wrote a thesis.

I don't talk about it much.

It was a collection of short stories told from the alternating points of view of two women living in a town in Central Washington called Wenatchee.

Every Day is Feeling Like Friday, I'm Getting Paid And Doing It My Way: A Song For When

you just want to feel alive and thankful for the existence of good slow jams.

The song: John Legend, "Live It Up"; 2004

The Needle Has Landed Again: Let it Play

I am finally at an age and state of mental clarity wherein I feel like I am not living my life by blindly stumbling around in some kind of very large, very dark, very cluttered room.

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