untitled, unidentified, obtuse & obscure delights

This week's core sample seems to be composed of obtuse & obscure delights,
with an emphasis upon untitled pieces and unidentified artists.

Face the Music WCBN 88.3 FM - 8.23.12

Unlabeled Test Pressing Medley
Unknown Flexo Disc Orchestra - c. 1930

At a Georgia Camp Meeting – Cake Walk
Unidentified Swedish band, unlabeled brown wax cylinder  -1899

Bill Simons
Unknown banjoist  - 1908

Group identified only as Orchestre, Belgium – 1920 or ’21

Oh Donna Clara
Anonymous German tango orchestra – 1930

Strike Up the Band rehearsal sequence/Mademoiselle Song
George Gershwin, Clark & McCullough – film soundtrack -1929

Keep Smiling at Trouble
Alistair Cooke announcing over swing jam session
Live broadcast from the St. Regis Hotel - c.1938

I Surrender, Dear in the form of a washing machine commercial
Bing Crosby – film soundtrack – 1931

Big Eye Louis Nelson DeLisle & band – 1949

Organ Tests
Fats Waller – unissued V-Disc – 1943

House Blues
Unknown band – c. 1940s

Untitled Boogie
Unknown band – c. 1940s

Untitled Ammons Original
Albert Ammons – 1939

Untitled Lewis Original
Meade Lux Lewis – 1939

Haven’t Named It Yet
Lionel Hampton – 1939

Where Monk & Mingus Live/Let’s Call This
Roland Kirk – 1962

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