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WCBN Featured in Arts at Michigan's art/beat Blog

"When I walk into the WCBN offices and studio on a Wednesday afternoon, the first thing that hits me is the sheer enormity of the space.

Tucked away in the basement of the Student Activities Building is a fully functional multi-room studio. The walls are covered in paint and band stickers. There are shelves with CDs and LPs everywhere.  A student or two wanders through the narrow hallways as music plays overhead from the station’s current DJ.

This is the home of WCBN, the University’s free-form radio station on 88.3 FM. Broadcasting in, as their website states ‘one form or another’ over the past 50 years, the station currently hosts over 90 DJs from the University and Ann Arbor community, as well as live music acts, and also gets regularly involved in out-of-studio concerts and events in the city. It prizes itself on its free-form nature; DJs are free to, and do, spin almost any kind of music imaginable."


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