You Always Wanted A Lover I Only Wanted A Job: "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"

Okay so there's a lot of pretending that goes on in my life. I think it's a natural consequence of a) living alone and b) an overactive brain.

It's not all Wes Anderson, though.

Sometimes I find myself in the opening credits of a "Mary Tyler Moore"/"Ally McBeal"-style show about a career girl dealing with various zany challenges (and the occasional Very Special Episode about something serious).

This show is never ever set in 2012 but always in some sort of mythical retro past, probably the early 90s if I really try to pin it down. There's a lot of pink and teal and I'm usually wearing my hair in some sort of elaborate French twist with a tiger stripe of blush on my cheeks. As you might suspect the credits involve me doing things like walking down the street jauntily, twirling around for no reason, laughing over a cup of coffee with a group of ethnically diverse girlfriends, wearing hats, and making concerned faces.

And this is the theme song.

The song: Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield, "What Have I Done To Deserve This?"; 1987

(I'd like to pause here and give credit to my friend Molly, who commented once a long time ago that she wanted to star in a paranormal/spy/detective show with "Superstition" as the theme song, which I think is just an excellent idea and which started me down this thought-road.)

Aren't we all just the stars of our own workplace-soap-comedy-romantic-drama?

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