You May Never Fall In Love With Me But It Don't Matter: "Midnight Flower"

I usually steer clear of posting songs or theme-ing posts to holidays just because I feel that's establishing what could only be called a dangerous precedent,

but this song struck me as something good for Halloween and I'm trying to put my finger on why.

The song: The Four Tops, "Midnight Flower"; 1974

First of all, it's funky. Halloween says party to me, and nothing says party like a funky medium-tempo jam, so there's that.

And secondly, and possibly more importantly, there's an aspect of play-acting to this song. Let's pretend you're not who you are and I'm not who I am, just for a while. 

That's what's sexy and fun about Halloween -- you get to wear someone else's perfume for a night. So to speak.

Party on, midnight flowers.