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You might want

You might want to listen carefully to this week's broadcast as it could contain all or much of what's listed here.In addition to a rare example of an instrumental Rudy Vallee record, the mix combines comparatively obscure one steps, shimmies, waltzes, novelties, scat workouts and a rather bizarre configuration which can only be described as a human calliope. Note that "12th Street Rag" will be performed by the man who composed it: Euday "Eudie" L. Bowman.There is also a rural component which is expected to mingle nicely with the steadily morphing countryside. For those who are in a position to glimpse anything resembling a countryside.
Face the Music                     WCBN 88.3 FM                        Potentials for 8.16.12
1933        Nagasaki                                                                                                Rudy Vallee & his Connecticut Yankees1920        Japanese Sandman                                                                              The Versatile Three1917        Oh How She Could Yacki-Hacki-Wicki-Wacki-Woo                     Ciro’s Club Coon Orchestra1923        West Indies Blues                                                                               Esther Bigeou1924        The Calliope                                                                                          Seven Musical Magpies1938        12th Street Rag                                                                                       Eudie L. Bowman1928        Madison Street Rag                                                                             Gus Cannon’s Jug Stompers1922        Stuttering                                                                                              Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds1930        Sunset Waltz                                                                                        Mississippi Mud Steppers
1929        Evening Chimes Waltz                                                                        Herve Duerson1928        Hutchison’s Rag                                                                                  Frank Hutchison1929        Arnold Wiley Rag                                                                                Arnold Wiley1929        Be Ba Da Boom                                                                                    Scrapper Blackwell1937        Oh Zee Zaz Rag                                                                                    Blind Boy Fuller1934        Skoodle Um Skoo                                                                                 Papa Charlie Jackson1926        Skeedle Loo Doo Blues                                                                       Blind Blake1931        Regal Stomp                                                                                          Jimmy Blythe & Charles Clark1944        Thou Swell                                                                                            Tut Soper & Baby Dodds