With Your Carefully-Designed Topless Swimsuit: Travel

I've told you before that I spend time thinking about what songs I would put into a Wes Anderson movie if my life were a Wes Anderson movie,

but here's a song that's actually FROM a Wes Anderson movie. ("Hotel Chevalier", the short film before The Darjeeling Limited, in point of fact!).

I'm thinking of it today because I was thinking about it all last week, when I was in Singapore.

I don't precisely know why it came to my mind then, but I think it must have something to do with two things, both common to Wes Anderson movies I think: a) description of the international elite life, a life one comes into contact with and thinks about WAY more in Singapore than in Michigan, for evident reasons, and b) distinction between inner travel and outer travel.

This last is something that particularly interests me, as someone who can never seem to help doing too much of the former and perhaps not enough of the latter.

(I also love the line "both touched with a burning ambition" and the way he sings it; it pops into my head at random intervals. . .)

I love this song for what it posits, that the mind of another person is the strangest and most beautiful foreign country of all.


The song: Peter Sarstedt, "Where Do You Go"; 1969