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Friday, November 24

Saturday, November 25

Sunday, November 26

Monday, November 27

Tuesday, November 28

Wednesday, November 29

Thursday, November 30

Friday, December 1

  • 10:00pm

    Tommy Wiseau’s misguided midnight movie masterpiece. Please no metal spoons or footballs.

Wednesday, December 6

  • 5:00pm - 7:00pm

    Spoken word, poetry, singing, and instrumentals are all welcomed and encouraged. Timeslots are 10 minutes long, and are limited! Please SEND AN EMAIL beforehand to thesongbirdcafemusic@gmail.com to inquire about reserving a spot!

Thursday, December 7

  • 5:10pm

    This Saginaw-born artist, active since the late 1960s, has worked on major infrastructure and planning projects, site-specific sculptures, museum installations, and community interventions.

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