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Monday, July 22

  • 11:45am

    Students with disabilities at U of M report some of the highest rates of discrimination and overall negative experiences on campus. At this interactive panel discussion and workshop, you will meet students, faculty, and staff with different kinds of disabilities, both visible and invisible. The panelists will share personal stories, as well as concrete advice on how to make events, meetings, and classes more inclusive and accessible. Everyone is welcome at this free and public event, which is organized in accordance with universal design principles. More info: https://events.umich.edu/event/64110

Tuesday, July 23

  • 6:30pm - 9:00pm

    Join us for a screening of the powerful documentary Trapped, which examines how targeted abortion laws affect doctors, patients and clinics in different states. All proceeds from this event will be split to support grassroots abortion funds in states most affected by recent extreme abortion restrictions: Yellowhammer Fund (Alabama), New Orleans Abortion Fund, Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund, Gateway Women's Access Fund (Missouri), Women Have Options (Ohio). (This list may change as more laws are enacted leading to the event.)

Wednesday, July 24

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