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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Nothin' but the Blues, with . S
3:59 PM jon fromer bessie self titled jfm
3:57 PM ray charles the night time berlin 1962 Pablo
3:54 PM teeny tucker voodoo to do you title te bo
3:47 PM cee cee james let's all get loose red-blooded blues fwg
3:43 PM Sena Ehrhardt everybody is you live my life Blind Pig Records
3:40 PM lady sunshine & the x band if the shoe fits big sexee lsx
3:39 PM the holmes brothers passing through brotherhood alligator
3:38 PM reed fromer a bridge over the blues self-titled rfm
3:23 PM Howlin' Wolf going down slow box chess
3:22 PM james cotton rocket 88 the best of the blues sin qua non
3:22 PM joe louis walker hornet's nest title alligator
3:21 PM john lee hooker bus station blues the best of the blues sin qua non
3:12 PM otis rush my baby she's a good 'un cobra sessions flyright
3:12 PM t-bone walker don't give me the run around t-bone shuffle charly
3:10 PM lowel fulsom guitar shuffle / blues never fail juke box shiffle Proper
The Down Home Show, with .

Today's host is Bob Requests/comments: 734-763-3500

3:03 PM Roger Miller King Of The Road
3:02 PM Cale Yarborough Six Days On The Road
3:00 PM Richard Petty King Of The Road
2:48 PM Malcolm Holcombe Mister in Morgantown Another Wisdom
2:48 PM Malcolm Holcombe Love Abides Another Wisdom
2:31 PM Hoodang Sadie Come Around Blissfield
2:28 PM Johnny Cash I Drove Her Out Of My Mind
2:27 PM Fred Eaglesmith Spookin' The Horses
2:20 PM Fred Eaglesmith Wilder Than Her
2:15 PM Iris Dement Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day
2:15 PM Iris Dement w/her mother Higher Ground
2:06 PM Iris DeMent w/ Emmylou Harris Mama's Opry
2:02 PM Iris Dement I Miss A Lot Of Trains
1:58 PM Kelly Willis That's How I Got to Memphis
1:55 PM Richard Buckner When Love Is Gone
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